How to make iPod Touch Battery Life Last LongerHaving to deal with dead battery or short battery life of your iPod Touch is really annoying especially when you’re out to travel somewhere.  Okay, you just got your iPod Touch 2g and so you say it doesn’t last long, huh? Well, it wouldn’t be an issue any longer because the fact is there are a lot of ways that you can do to increase its battery life.

Usually, the battery of this device runs around 4-5 hours when you are just looking through photos, or music collection, but when you are using Wi-Fi, it can only last up to 3-4 hours.

How to make the battery life of this device last longer?  Try to follow some tips below.

  • Setting the Wi-Fi off will help you get more batt.  life if you are not browsing the Web.
  • Under Settings, you can lower the brightness slider and turn off the Auto Brightness as well.
  • The equalizer also consumes a lot of power that is why you can turn it off by going to Settings -> Music -> Equalizer off.
  • You may also set E-mail to refresh when opened.
  • Make sure that you to close unnecessary apps.  To do this, hold down the Home button for more than five minutes.
  • Try to download some free Internet tools like Battery Life so that you can monitor the battery level.

Maybe you can say that some of the things listed won’t do much to your battery, but doing them at the same time will apparently save your battery life.  We hope that you can make its batt. life last longer now.


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