how to reset iPad passwordSo you’ve set a passcode for your iPad and now you’re having a hard time remembering it. Well, that leaves you being unable to access your iPad. If you are wondering how to reset iPad password, then you are fortunate since there’s a way on how to successfully do it. Continue learning on how to go about resetting your passcode for iPad.

iPad Passcode Reset

Here’s what I’ve found based on some Internet results:

If one has repeatedly entered the wrong passcode, the device will be disabled for several minutes. Only then can you repeat keying in the passcde. However, after successful tries and you still can’t figure out what the password is, you may have to connect the iPad to your computer where it was last synced with your iTunes open. Next up, hold down the sleep button until the device shuts off. Now, hold down the sleep button again alongside the home button for about 10 seconds. Let go of the sleep button while continuing to long press the home button. Eventually, you will see your iTunes popping up and telling you that your device is in recovery mode. Hit the OK button and proceed with passcode restoration.

Doing so will let you reset your code and access the data for your device.  To make sure that your device won’t be disabled after incorrect password attempts, you can always configure it by tapping Settings, then go to General tab, and Passcode Lock. Set it off by default.

There you go. That is just some information I’ve gathered on how to go reset iPad password. Do you have any suggestions? We’d love to hear from you.


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