5 Innovative Car Technologies

In the modern fast grooving automobile industry, the vehicle manufacturers offer their customers many more additional features to enhance the satisfaction and as well as to ensure the customer’s safety. Here we bring out five main technologies which can be seen on the latest vehicles in the world and for sure, this may worth looking.

1. Curtain Airbags

The side curtain airbags has proven to be resourceful and extremely valuable as they are activating and deploying instantly from the top of the each door rails beyond the side window in occurrence of a car crash or accident. In the occasion of a car crash, these air bags provide a cushion among the passenger or driver and the side windows in order to enhance the safety to the heads of the passengers if the car rolls over. Also the curtain air bags ensure the safeguard from the side impacts which may occur in case of an accident. In case you buy Craigslist cars for sale produced in 2010-2011, make sure the bags are in good condition.

2. Navigation System

The automotive navigation system is a specially designed satellite navigation system which is used in many vehicles. Usually it uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation tool to obtain the position or location data in order to locate the car user on the road through the map database of the unit. By using the road database, the navigation system offers the directions to other locations and some of them offer the facility of voice navigation as well. The calculation are done by using the distance data through a gyroscope, an accelerometer and the sensors attached to the drive-train to ensure the reliability and convenient.

3. Black Box Technology

The Black Box is a unit which builds up a temporary database with including all the data of the speed, breaking time, acceleration, location and many more details of the car which is on drive. Black Boxes normally sticks to the windshield and collect the data by using a GPS unit, specially designed sensors such as G-force shock sensor and a built-in camera to document the accidents or crashes. Whenever an accident occur, all the info can be used in the processes of taking legal actions and in the purpose of claiming the insurance.

4. Run Flat Tires

The run-flat tires are pneumatic vehicle tires which are designed to resist the special effects of deflation when they are punctured and to facilitate the car to continue the drive at a reduced speed of up to 90 km/h or 55 mph. Also these tires help to continue the drive for limited distances of up to 100 miles 160 km depending on the vehicle weight and the type of tires. Most importantly some of the run flat tires have a higher rolling resistance up to 20% due to the added structural material while improving the fuel efficiency by reducing the rolling resistance.

5. Automatic Vehicle Operation System (AVOS)

The AVOS provides a fully automatic vehicle highway drive system in which functioned vehicles control on the instrumented highway roads without the involvement of its driver. The drivers will come into a track through a check-in region where the AVOS will verify the location of the vehicle. It presumes the control of a specific vehicle and moves it onto the track, combining the vehicle with the other automated vehicle traffic. When the vehicle reached the destination, the driver will have the control and the AVOS can be deactivated by the driver manually on any time.

When we go through all these specifications, without any doubt we can say that the automobile industry is the world’s No.1 fast growing industry. So in near future we will receive so many innovative technologies and they also will be the most convenient solution for vehicles.

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