Electric Car Maker (Tesla Motor) has just announced the updated version of their Roadster electric sports car. Dubbed as the Tesla Roadster 2.5. This will be the 4th edition for the popular electric sports car.

Now, the Roadster 2.5 has more agrressive look because of the revised front fascia w/ diffusing vents and the new rear bumper encapsulates diffuser. Its new seats is said to be more comfortable, now with supportive bolsters and more lumbar support. There’s also a new wheel design in 2.5 that is available in gloss black or silver finishes.

Picture of tesla roadster 2.5 electric sports car

The car maker also reshaped the interior design and also put the new front fender material for an improved sound reduction. Roadster 2.5 also gets optional 7-inch touchscreen with a rear back-up camera. No update to its 375 volt electric powertrain w/ the same max range of 250-mile and the same 3.5 hr charging cycle.

No words about its price. However,Tesla Roadster 2.5 sports car is now available for order. See more of the pictures below.

photos Sideview Photo of 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Electric Sports Car Rear Photo of Roadster 2.5 Interior Design of Tesla Roadster 2.5

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