How to Reset iPad Password

how to reset iPad passwordSo you’ve set a passcode for your iPad and now you’re having a hard time remembering it. Well, that leaves you being unable to access your iPad. If you are wondering how to reset iPad password, then you are fortunate since there’s a way on how to successfully do it. Continue learning on how to go about resetting your passcode for iPad.

iPad Passcode Reset

Here’s what I’ve found based on some Internet results:

If one has repeatedly entered the wrong passcode, the device will be disabled for several minutes. Only then can you repeat keying in the passcde. However, after successful tries and you still can’t figure out what the password is, you may have to connect the iPad to your computer where it was last synced with your iTunes open. Next up, hold down the sleep button until the device shuts off. Now, hold down the sleep button again alongside the home button for about 10 seconds. Let go of the sleep button while continuing to long press the home button. Eventually, you will see your iTunes popping up and telling you that your device is in recovery mode. Hit the OK button and proceed with passcode restoration.

Doing so will let you reset your code and access the data for your device.  To make sure that your device won’t be disabled after incorrect password attempts, you can always configure it by tapping Settings, then go to General tab, and Passcode Lock. Set it off by default.

There you go. That is just some information I’ve gathered on how to go reset iPad password. Do you have any suggestions? We’d love to hear from you.

How to make iPod Touch Battery Life Last Longer

How to make iPod Touch Battery Life Last LongerHaving to deal with dead battery or short battery life of your iPod Touch is really annoying especially when you’re out to travel somewhere.  Okay, you just got your iPod Touch 2g and so you say it doesn’t last long, huh? Well, it wouldn’t be an issue any longer because the fact is there are a lot of ways that you can do to increase its battery life.

Usually, the battery of this device runs around 4-5 hours when you are just looking through photos, or music collection, but when you are using Wi-Fi, it can only last up to 3-4 hours.

How to make the battery life of this device last longer?  Try to follow some tips below.

  • Setting the Wi-Fi off will help you get more batt.  life if you are not browsing the Web.
  • Under Settings, you can lower the brightness slider and turn off the Auto Brightness as well.
  • The equalizer also consumes a lot of power that is why you can turn it off by going to Settings -> Music -> Equalizer off.
  • You may also set E-mail to refresh when opened.
  • Make sure that you to close unnecessary apps.  To do this, hold down the Home button for more than five minutes.
  • Try to download some free Internet tools like Battery Life so that you can monitor the battery level.

Maybe you can say that some of the things listed won’t do much to your battery, but doing them at the same time will apparently save your battery life.  We hope that you can make its batt. life last longer now.

iHome iH22PV iPod Alarm Clock Speaker

Are you looking for a pretty stylish alarm clock speaker for your iPod?  If  so , then check out this newly released speaker from iHome.

iHome introduces the new iH22PV iPod alarm clock speaker for your Apple iPod. The speaker is designed to save space as it only measures 6.59-inch x3.19-inch x4.01inch. The latest alarm clock speaker system tenders dual alarm system for separate alarm sources together with wake to iPod support.  It can play your favorite music playlist and at the same time it charges your player while it’s on docked, so there’s no need to worry if it runs out of power.  The new iH22PV offers a line-in audio jack which you can connect to other audio sources.  Plus, this iPod dock uses three AAA batteries for back-up maintaining the clock and alarm settings.  The gadget appears in a multiple appealing colors like blue, purple, and silver.

The iHome iH22PV is well-suited to most iPod music players.  Interested to have one? You can purchase this alarm clock speaker system for the price of $49.99 per pick pop.

iHome iH22PV iPod Alarm Clock Speaker

Ipill iPod Mic

The iPill ipod Mic as the name suggest is a microphone of ipod that shaped like a pill. It is better than most audio recorders available in the market. IPill Mic is the accessory for the iPod Nano 4g and also for iPod Touch 2nd gen.

Ipill ipod microphone is like a pill better than audio recorder - it has 3.5 mm audio jack

It has protective cover and has 3.5 mm audio jack that you can plug to the headphone port of your ipod rather than the ipod Dock Connector.

Ozaki is shipping a ton of these iPills to the Philippines this August. You could buy the Ipill Mic probably around $13 or php700.

Apple iPod Shuffle 3G – The First MP3 Player that Talks to You

You are not looking in the paper clip below, It is the new iPod Shuffle 3G which is the smallest music player from Apple, the new 3rd generation iPod Shuffle got surprisingly smaller. I’m sure you will be amazed when you first pick-up the iPod Shuffle 3G at how tiny it is. Having only about a half to two-thirds of the size of its predecessor and noticeably smaller than an AA battery. The aluminum-shelled iPod Shuffle 3G, although smaller… can holds up to 1,000 songs because it has now 4GB of storage.

Apple iPod Shuffle 3G

Unlike earlier models this iPod shuffle has no controls on it except the On/Off switch. Rather, its controls are located on the right earbud cable, which makes them easier to use without unclipping the iPod from your clothing. There are three separate areas on the earbud control -the up and down button for volume control and the center button for navigating through music. The iPod’s earbud control has other functions not just two that i’ve just mentioned, see more of the iPod’s 3G ten functions below.


Apple  3G Shuffle closer look

Now for the coolest features, the iPod 3G shuffle is the first music player that talks to you because it has the what Apple calls “the Voice Over feature” that enables a user to know to the name of the song and the artist that is being played and also tells you if battery is running low.

As for sound quality, Most of the users said that iPod 3G shuffle is better compared to the old ones, but bass was lacking through the included earbuds as what the ipodObserver said in their iPod shuffle 3G post.

iPod 3G shuffle’s price is Php4,190. You can read more at about their iPod 3G Shuffle -The first MP3 player that talks to you.