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5 Innovative Car Technologies

In the modern fast grooving automobile industry, the vehicle manufacturers offer their customers many more additional features to enhance the satisfaction and as well as to ensure the customer’s safety. Here we bring out five main technologies which can be seen on the latest vehicles in the world and for sure, this may worth looking. […]

Tesla Roadster 2.5 Electric Sports Car Unveiled

Picture of tesla roadster 2.5 electric sports car

Electric Car Maker (Tesla Motor) has just announced the updated version of their Roadster electric sports car. Dubbed as the Tesla Roadster 2.5. This will be the 4th edition for the popular electric sports car. Now, the Roadster 2.5 has more agrressive look because of the revised front fascia w/ diffusing vents and the new […]

Bentley supersports Convertible Car

This new Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible will be a dream car for people who like speeding.  To be introduced this upcoming 2010 Geneva Motor Show.  The “Supersports” name comes from the iconic 1925 racing Bentleys which were the 1st production cars to reach 160km per hour. Bentley Continental Supersports convertible packs the same Flex-Fuel 6-litre, […]

New Honda CRV 2010

Honda CRV 2010

Just yesterday Honda announced their latest SUV.  Honda CR-V 2010 has some new enhancements in its design such as the re-sculpted hood and new rear bumber shape.  As of wheel design, Honda CRV 2010 now has 10-spoke that can be seen usually on CRV EX and EX-L. Honda CRV 2010