Sony Bravia BX LCD TV Series: HDTV with 500GB HDD

Sony Japan has just released a new series of HDTV.  The Bravia BX LCD TV series.  You’re not gonna miss all of your favorite TV series just in case you dont have time to watch your favorite TV programs because this new Sony Bravia BX LCD TV series has built-in 500GB HDD for recording TV programs for later playback.

Sony Bravia BX HDTV series support 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 720p HD resolution, CCFL backlight. Also comes with functions from the previous Bravia Series like 4 digital processor, 24p True Cinema and Bravia Sync and has 5.1-channel surround sound.  This compact HDTV also has 5 inputs including 2 HDMi inputs, so you can connect it to HDMI capable equipment like Blue-ray disc player and Playstation3 Gaming console, etc.

sony bravia bx series hdtv with 500GB hdd

Sony Bravia BX series LCD TV will be available in 3 sizes: 22, 26 and 32 inches.  Also available in two colors:  Black & White.  Im not sure about the price though.

Toshiba ZX900 Series CELL TV

Watch everything in 3D with Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV. Just recently unveiled at the CES 2010, this Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV is like an HDTV and a Media Center in one.  It has powerful processor that converts 2D content into 3D in real time.  With the power of CELL processor and the new KIRA2 combined, Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV delivers an unmatched 9,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1,000 cd/m2 brightness.

Toshiba ZX900 also has True Super Resolution Technology for the clearest possible 1080p Full HD picture and Net Resolution+ adds Compression Noise Canceling to improve the look of low-resolution Internet video sources.
toshiba's zx900 CELL LED TV with 2d to 3d conversion

Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV Features :

  • CELL BroadbandEngine
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 9,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 1 Terabyte HDD
  • Blu-ray Player
  • USB ports
  • WiFi 802.11 n
  • Ethernet port
  • Built-in video phone

You can also store your favorite movies because Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV has 1TB built-in hard disk.  It also has Blu-ray player and DLNA server.  Toshiba’s ZX900  will be available in large 55″ and 65″ screen sizes.  No words on availability and pricing yet.

LG SL90 Borderless HDTV

LG set a new standard in style of HDTVs as it launches its new Borderless TV – the LG SL90.  This is the first Borderless LED LCD TV. LG used injection compression molding technology coupled with film lamination to remove the gap between the bezel and the screen.  LG’s BORDERLESS SL90 has very thin bezel that allows you to watch your favorite movie from edge to edge. TO slim down the SL90 to 1.15 inches, LG used LED baclit which also reduces  power consumption.  With dynamic contrast ratio of 3,0000,000:1, LG’s BORDERLESS SL90 produces incredibly sharp clear images with superb color reproduction.

lg sl90 borderless hdtv with dynamic contrast of 3,000,000:1

LG SL90 Borderless HDTV Features :

  • only 1.5 Inches Thick
  • Full HD 1080p, 1920 × 1080 px anti glare screen
  • 3,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • TruMotion 200Hz technology
  • Bluetooth/External Hard drives/USB connectivity
  • Expert Mode (ISF Ready)
  • HD DivX
  • Intelligent Sensor II
  • Invisible Speaker system

LG SL90 Borderless HDTV is available in 42 to 47 inch sizes.  Already available here in the Philippines  with  a starting price of Php 119,990 ($2608).

Samsung Philippines Unveiled B6000 and B7000 Full HDTVs

Samsung Philippines unveiled B6000 and B7000 Full HDTVs, “New TV species” according to Samsung. Both HDTVs use Light Emitting Diodes as primary light source which means that B6000 and B7000 have 40% less power consumption and ultra-high contrast picture quality ratios compare to common HDTV that uses the standard CCFLs. In addition, Samsung has further shave B6000 & B7000 to ultra-thin depths for an even sleeker look at just over an inch thick.

Samsung B6000
Samsung B6000 Series HDTV
Samsung B6000 series will be available for 40″/46″ while the B7000 series will be available in 40″/46″/55″ sizes.

Samsung B7000
Samsung B7000- Series HDTV

B6000 and B7000 features Samsung’s acclaimed auto motion plus™ frame interpolation technology, 120Hz frame rate and mega contrast ratio for pure tv viewing pleasure. DLNA Wireless allows you to stream content (photos, music and movies) from PCs anywhere in the house via WiFi.

B6000 and B7000 will be available next week starting at Php 159,999 for 40″ size and Php259,999 for the 55″ size. More expensive than other regular HDTvs, but more cheaper considering the 40% energy consumption you can save.