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MSI unveils Xslim X340 | X600 Notebooks

MSI has recently announced its 13.4 inch X-Slim x340 and the 15.6 inch x600 in China. MSI xslim X340 and X600 are both identical to MacBook Air. Rumors abound that MSI could be both powered by a processor based on Intel’s Centrino 2 platform, with the possibility of including NVIDIA’s ION platform a s well. […]

Averatec Voya 2575 Laptop

With Averatec Voya 2575 you will see difference right from the start, including a contemporary design, easy-to-use search and organizational tools, and a safer on-line experience. You will have more ways to enjoy your favorite digital entertainment anywhere, anytime with the Averatec Voya 2575. Featuring a super-bright 12″ widescreen display with Averatec’s exceptional AveraBrite LCD […]

TG Averatec N1000 Mini Laptop

TG Averatec N1000 has some design similarities with the MSI Wind U100, even the specs are the same too. I would recommend this notebook to anybody that is looking for a small notebook and who doesn’t want to spend a lot. This notebook is definetly a great cheap alternative to the Fujitsu and Sony ultraportable […]

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