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Sharp Brain PW-AC10 Pocket Electronic Dictionary

Sharp Brain PW-AC10 Pocket Electronic Dictionary

Sharp recently announced their Brain PW-AC10 Pocket Electronic Dictionary which looks like a slightly colorful blackberry smartphone.   The Compact Brain electronic dictionary supports translation including English into Japanese, German into Japanese, French into Japanese, etc. Sharp Brain PW-AC10 Pocket Electronic Dictionary features a 2.4 inch display with 320×240 pixel resolution.  It has QWERTY keypad.  It only measures 118.6 […]

iSafe bags, backpack, laptop bags

Are you worrying too much about your kids safety when they go to school?  Heres the solution to give you peace of mind when you send your kids off to school.  The iSafe Bag. Yes, a bag.   So how can this backpack can help to protect your children ?   Well,  the iSafe bag has a […]

Diving Goggle with Built-in Camera

diving goggles with built-in camera

Carrying a bulky digital camera to shoot video or capture pictures underwater is not easy.  Heres the solution, Diving Goggle with Built-in Camera from Century Japan.  Perfect for all scuba divers out there. With this little diving gadget, you’re gonna have a diving mask at the same time a high quality camera that can  shoot […]

Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66

Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66

Are you looking for a hidden camera spying gadget, a spying tools that is hardly ever going to notice by a person being spied upon.  Check out this Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66.  This one is perfect if you want to caught your loved one if he/she is cheating while you’re away or to spy […]

Pandigital Personal Scanner

I’m pretty sure you’ve taken a bunch of photos ages ago even before the digital camera has been popular. Also, you might want those photos to be converted into digital format so they won’t wear out. A way to do this is through scanning those old photos. However, the thought of scanning those old photos […]

Sony Sony ICF-C717PJ - Radio Alarm Clock With Projector

ICF-C717PJ is Sony’s first Projection Alarm Clock Radio.  This stylish radio alarm clock has LCD display that has adjustable brightness (4 way brightness control) and it can project the time on your wall or even at the ceiling.  It has rotating lens module that allows the projector to be set at different angles. Sony ICF-C717PJ also features a thermometer that […]

flying alarm clock

Do you find it hard to get up right away even if your alarm clock is buzzing endlessly in the morning? Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button and getting back to sleep again? Oh well, if you are continuing your quest to find the best way to wake up on time then check […]

Primo Cube - A Little Square Secondary Battery Charger

If you’re always on the go and worrying too much about running out of your cellphone’s battery charge then you might want to consider buying the Primo Cube.  This gadget is perfect for you.  Primo Cube is a little square measuring only 40 x 40 mm or only about 1.5 inches (width & height).  This […]

Solar Spark Lighter - Cool Camping Gadget - Survival Tool

Solar Spark Lighter is one great gadget that you can use as a survival tool. Perfect for hiking and boating.  This solar fire starter is similar to the Olympic torch in Athens.  It has parabolic mirror that is made of stainless steel and reflects the ray of the sun to a precise focal point enough to burn a piece […]

LG RoboKing VR5901KLK Vacuum Cleaner

Recently, LG announced their new robotic vacuum cleaner, – the LG ROboking VR5901KLK. This is actually the newer version of their Roboking.  The previous model was a  bit larger with a height of 13cm while this newer version comes at a height of 9cm allowing it go pretty much everywhere.  The newer version of Roboking is also 30% more efficient […]

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