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belkin gadget monitor

These days, a lot of people are taking actions towards reduction of their household’s electricity consumption. Of course, who would not want to see a big difference in their electric bills? Are you one of them? Because if you are, then this post might help you save money and minimize consumption through the use of […]

Zero Gravity Floating Magnetic Football

Zero Gravity Floating Magnetic Football

If you have liked the Levitating Globe thingy, then it’s certain you, especially the World Cup aficionados, will love this Zero Gravity Magnetic Football. Think it’s magic?!? Naah, this high-tech gadget makes use of a computer-controlled magnetic levitation so the football will float via a Star-Trek style tractor beam. Football fans will surely think this […]

Samsung SP-M100 Digital Photo Frame with Cordless Phone

Say hello to the combo gadget which has been announced recently by Samsung. The gadget is called the Samsung SP-M100. It comes with a multi-function digital photo frame including a cordless phone system.  The SP-M100 sports a 7-inch touchscreen LCD which shows pictures of your favorite contacts and if you want to make a call, […]

Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder - World's Smallest Digital Camera

Like the JTT Chobi Cam that we posted earlier, the Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder is also very small.  It is the world’s smallest digital camera in the market today.  Its very small that you could probably swallow this device.  If you are a private detective, then you might want to consider buying this small gadget.  Just drill […]

JTT Chobi Cam – Ultra Compact Digital Camera

jtt chobi cam - mini digital camera

JTT Chobi Cam is a mini waterproof camcorder.  Considered as one of the smallest camcorder in the market.   This compact digital camera can be used up to  a depth of 20 Meters  in the water and is perfect for scuba divers out there.   It only measures 4.4 x 2.9 x 1.2 cm and […]

Beambox Evolution R-2 Pico Projector

Beambox Evolution R-2 Pico-Projector w/ 40 Ansi Lumens

This is the latest pico-projector recently announced by Beambox. The Evolution R-2 is considered as one of the brightest pico-projector in the market today.  This device has  40 ansi lumens LCoS chip that really  offers unmatched brightness.  That is 2 times that of the similar  products.  This pocket gadget boasts 800×600 SVGA resolution , has […]

Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor All-Weather Speakers

Looking for Loudspeakers that can be used indoor or outdoors?  Why not try this All-Weather Polk Audio Atrium speakers.  These loudspeakers is completely weatherproof and tough and has few different ways to be mounted out.  You can place it on the ground or you may also hang it.  It has shock absorbing gasket so no […]

Asus eee tablet reader

Okay, so we got another tablet introduced during the Computex show in Taipei and this one is called the Asus Eee Tablet (not to be mistaken as the Eee Pad).   The tablet is designed as a drawing and note-taking device having a grayscale display aside from e-reading. The Asus Eee e-reader allows you to […]

Garmin Nuvi 3700 Series-GPS-device

Garmin International has unveiled the company’s latest offering to the GPS market – the Nuvi 3700 Series of GPS Device. The series consists of 3750, 3760T and 3790T. All the three handsets sport a 4.3-inch WVGA display with capacitive full touchscreen. These models are so thin, making them the thinnest in the Portable Navigation Devices […]

Ezy WiFi-Ready Android eBook Reader

ezy ebook reader

The ever-increasing availability and popularity of the eBook readers keeps on growing.  A lot of companies are unveiling new eBook readers one after another adding up to the other well-known eReaders. And everyone just loves having an eBook as it can give them as many of their most-loved book titles at the tip of your […]

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