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How to Delete Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is an application used for chatting and communications. Easy to install, the program’s uninstall feature is also straightforward. However, the uninstall and repair processes vary a bit in Windows XP and Vista. Although widely used, not everyone knows how to delete Windows Live Messenger. In fact, the process is very easy regardless of […]

How to Make a FaceTime Call on iPad 2

how to make a facetime call on ipad 2

The FaceTime application is one of the excellent features a consumer can use on their iPad 2 as well as other Apple products like iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod Touch, iMac, or iBook.  What is FaceTime, anyways? And did you ever wonder how to make a FaceTime call on iPad 2? Well, here’s a guide […]

How to Know Who Views Your Facebook

How to Know Who Views Your Facebook

If you used to be hanging on the shut-down networking site Friendster or on mySpace, then you can easily say who’s viewing your profile. Remember, there’s the “Who’s Viewed You” button which you can just click and tada – you see who views your profile. But in Facebook, however, it is a different issue! Many […]

How to Download Android Apps to Phone

how to download android apps to phone

Your Android smartphone will be totally useless if you don’t maximize it and make the most out if. Therefore, you need to download tons of great applications onto your mobile phone.  While you can download an application from your computer/PC, why not try to download any software directly onto your phone. How to download Android […]

How to Do Facebook Emoticons in Chat

how to do facebook emoticons in chat

Personally, I love putting on smileys and emoticons when I am chatting with my friends on mySpace and Facebook. This gives me the idea that my feelings are conveyed easily – like it’s expressive enough! Apparently, Facebook chat is one of the most popular applications used to communicate with loved ones. While other may just […]

How to Video Call on Facebook

how to video call on facebook

Really, the guys from Facebook have added a couple of features to the platform to make it more enjoyable. And when you start chatting with your friend on Facebook Chat, a video icon is there which asks you to start a video call. Once you click on it, you’ll be able to utilize Facebook video […]

Common Hard Drive Problems

common hard drive problems

Here are some of the most common problems of hard disk that you may encounter. Firmware Corruption This is the software embedded in hard drive’s hardware. If there is a problem with the hard disk’s firware your PC will not be able to interact correctly with your hard drive. So how do we know if the firmware has […]

ntldr is missing error on windows xp

“NTLDR is Missing : Press any Key to Restart”, This is one of the common errors that you may encounter on your computer. What is NTLDR ? NTLDR is short for New Technology Loader, this file helps to display the Microsoft Windows NT start-up menu and also helps Windows NT to load. If you encounter “NTLDR is Missing” error, […]

repair windows xp without formatting your computer

When you have a problem with your operating system (particularly Microsot Windows XP) like for example it runs very slow or hangs a lot. Don’t just format it. It should be your last option. Try to repair it first by using Windows XP recovery console. By doing this, it will save you a lot of time reinstalling all […]

enable or disabled registry editor

If you’re always using the registry editor to edit the settings of your computer then you must have encountered this message “Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator” when you run the regedit command. One reason for this might be that the administrator has disabled this tool or it might also caused by the virus which is the common […]

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