How to Delete Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is an application used for chatting and communications. Easy to install, the program’s uninstall feature is also straightforward. However, the uninstall and repair processes vary a bit in Windows XP and Vista.

Although widely used, not everyone knows how to delete Windows Live Messenger. In fact, the process is very easy regardless of which Windows OS you use.

In Windows XP

Step 1: Go to the Taskbar. After clicking the Messenger icon, choose Exit.

Step 2: Click the Start button and go to the Control Panel. Open Add or Remove Programs. Look for Messenger under Currently installed programs. Click Messenger and click Remove. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.

In Windows Vista

Step 1: The process is very similar. Right click the Messenger icon at the Taskbar and choose Exit. Click Start, Control Panel and go to Programs.

Step 2: Click Uninstall a program. Double click Messenger and click Yes.

How to Repair Messenger

Many want to know how to delete Windows Live Messenger because they believe uninstalling then reinstalling will solve any error messages they encounter. This can work, but there is another way.

Messenger Repair in XP and Vista

Click the Messenger icon and select Exit. Click Start and double click Control Panel. Go to Add or Remove Programs and select Messenger. Click Change then click Repair. In Windows Vista, close the Messenger icon at the Taskbar.

Go to Start, Control Panel and click Uninstall a program and Programs. Right click Messenger and click Repair. Follow any instructions that are provided.


Don’t just delete Messenger from Windows Explorer. This will not completely remove the program. It may in fact cause error messages to pop up. The reason is that the program stores other files in various system folders.

If you just delete its folder, the files in the other system folders will look for them. By using the uninstall option, all the files related to the application will be deleted. This is also the rule with other apps that have an uninstall feature. Otherwise, problems may arise.

Messenger Files in the Windows Registry

If you want to remove Messenger from the Windows Registry as well, remove the program first in the manner described above. When it is gone, click Start and type “cmd” in the search box. Type the following commands separately:

“REG DELETE HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger /f”, “REG DELETE HKCU\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger /f”, “REG DELETE “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Communications Clients\Shared” /f” and “REG DELETE HKCU\Software\Microsoft\IdentityCRL /f”.

Restart your computer. The application will no longer be there. You can check the Registry if you like.

It really isn’t necessary to remove the entries in the Registry. This is only done in case error messages appear.

How to Make a FaceTime Call on iPad 2

how to make a facetime call on ipad 2The FaceTime application is one of the excellent features a consumer can use on their iPad 2 as well as other Apple products like iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod Touch, iMac, or iBook.  What is FaceTime, anyways? And did you ever wonder how to make a FaceTime call on iPad 2? Well, here’s a guide on how to go about getting using this feature.

FaceTime – What it is

Are your loved ones far from you? Or maybe you are in a long distance relationship? Then utilizing video calls through the FaceTime app is your chance to connect with them via a simple WiFi network connection. Take note though that this app may not be available in some regions.

How to Use FaceTime on the iPad 2

To start off with the steps, tap the FaceTime icon in your iPad 2. If you don’t have an account yet, make a new one by tapping the “Create a New Account” button. Key in a valid e-mail address and follow the rest of the instructions stated. This is going to be your Apple ID.

Once you’re done with the process of creating a new account, go back to the FaceTime icon found on your home screen and log in with your Apple ID and password. Add contacts of your friends by tapping the + icon. Key in his specifics like the name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Now, you can start making your video call by tapping one of your contact’s e-mail addresses. Once the call is connected, the video chat will appear. Enjoy the conversation and when it’s time to end it, just hit the End button. In addition, you can play with the camera orientation by rotating the camera and modifying it from portrait to landscape.

Making call on your iPad 2 is an awesome why to get connected to your friends with just a tap. This is how to make a FaceTime call on iPad 2. Hope this has helped!

How to Know Who Views Your Facebook

How to Know Who Views Your FacebookIf you used to be hanging on the shut-down networking site Friendster or on mySpace, then you can easily say who’s viewing your profile. Remember, there’s the “Who’s Viewed You” button which you can just click and tada – you see who views your profile.

But in Facebook, however, it is a different issue! Many are left wondering if there is a way on how to know who views your Facebook. Or maybe, you’re asking how often your profile is viewed. Learn more about the answers by reading the rest of the article.

How Do You Know Who Looks at Your FB Profile

Unfortunately, the answer is No. the guys from Facebook are actually saying that they do not provide any functions on how to tell who looks through your timeline including your private or public photos.

On the other hand, there are some applications who have surfaced the Internet which claims you can actually do so. Such includes the Facebook Stalker Check where you will allow the application to run on your profile and you’ll see a list of friends who stalks at your FB profile. There’s also the My Top Fans app which promises to do the same. Only that the results of these applications are dependent on the friend who interacts with you the most like who comments and hit likes on your status frequently.

And so to say, sadly there isn’t any way at all on how you can actually tell who the viewer of your timeline is. But for an added fun, then why don’t you just try the abovementioned third party apps and find out the friend who interacts with you the most. Enjoy!

How to Download Android Apps to Phone

how to download android apps to phoneYour Android smartphone will be totally useless if you don’t maximize it and make the most out if. Therefore, you need to download tons of great applications onto your mobile phone.  While you can download an application from your computer/PC, why not try to download any software directly onto your phone. How to download Android apps to phone? Continue reading after the jump.

Downloading Applications to Your Android Phone

  1. On your mobile phone, open the Applications menu and tap the Market button. You will be able to open the Android Market.
  2. Now, tap the Apps or Games menu and you’ll see different categories for the applications and games. Choose the category of your preference to view the list of the applications.
  3. Remember that some of the apps listed on the site can either be paid or downloaded for FREE. Examine the listing closely whether or not you are going to pay for the desired games or apps.
  4. Press OK to agree on the terms and conditions. Then wait for the app to be downloaded on your smartphone.

So this is how you can download Android apps to your phone. But remember that for you to be able to enjoy these apps; you need to register with your Gmail account first from your phone. Once the Market is tapped, you are prompted to register the device with an account in Gmail. Follow these steps closely to give your smartphone a boost and enjoy cool applications. Have fun!

How to Do Facebook Emoticons in Chat

how to do facebook emoticons in chatPersonally, I love putting on smileys and emoticons when I am chatting with my friends on mySpace and Facebook. This gives me the idea that my feelings are conveyed easily – like it’s expressive enough!

Apparently, Facebook chat is one of the most popular applications used to communicate with loved ones. While other may just enter plain texts to it, the guys from the team have allowed us to use new and funny emoticons which can help express yourself completely. Here’s a list on how to do Facebook emoticons in Chat.

How to Make Cool Emoticons and Smileys on Facebook Chat

On the tab of your FB chat, you can type or copy-paste any of the following emoticons which you prefer to use. For instance, send smiles to your chatmate by typing in the 🙂 for a couple of times to get the smiley emoticon. Other list of all the Facebook symbols includes:

Angel                                       O:-)

Confused                                o.O

Cry                                            :’(

Devil                                        3:-)

Glasses                                    😎

Grin                                          😀

Grumpy                                  >:-(

Happy                                     ^_^

Heart                                       <3

Kiss                                           :-*

Pacman                                   :v

Putnam                                   :Putnam:

Robot                                      :|]

Sad                                           🙁

Shark                                       (^^^)

Squint                                      -_-

Sunglasses                             8-|

Tash                                         :3

Tongue                                   :p

Unsure                                    :-/

Upset                                       >-:O

Wink                                        😉

Are there Facebook hidden emoticons? Well, the penguin emoticon used to be one of them. It’s been widely used now by keying in <(“).

Now, add some spice to your FB chat convo, but make sure that you do not overuse it or you’ll chatmate will end up getting annoyed at you. But as far as how to do Facebook emoticons in chat, I’m sure that this is of big help!

How to Video Call on Facebook

how to video call on facebookReally, the guys from Facebook have added a couple of features to the platform to make it more enjoyable. And when you start chatting with your friend on Facebook Chat, a video icon is there which asks you to start a video call. Once you click on it, you’ll be able to utilize Facebook video calling.

If you’re one who’s using Skype or enjoys video calling via Skype, try the new FB video chat and make use of the newest addition to chit chat with your friends. But, how to video call on Facebook, you say?  Learn the rest of the post below.

How to Do Facebook Video Calling

If you’re a newbie in this feature, a quick set-up is required to start the video chat feature. And so to start with this process and make this whole thing work, try to do the following:

  1. Choose one from your online friends whom you want to call. On the chat box window, click the video icon found on the top portion of the FB chat.
  2. Hit the Set Up button and install the FB video call feature.
  3. This product will start to download and do not forget to click Run for it to work.
  4. Once you’re done with the installation, wait for several minutes as you’ll be connected to video chat and your friend will eventually answer the call.

Now that you’re done with the installation process, you can start calling your other friends. Just choose the person whom you want to start video calling with from your online friends list. And click on the button that says Call. Wait patiently while your call is connected. In the event when you’re friend is offline, you can always send him a video message.

Make your online communication pleasurable. Therefore, try to follow the steps given above on how to video call on Facebook.

Common Hard Drive Problems

common hard drive problemsHere are some of the most common problems of hard disk that you may encounter.

Firmware Corruption

This is the software embedded in hard drive’s hardware. If there is a problem with the hard disk’s firware your PC will not be able to interact correctly
with your hard drive. So how do we know if the firmware has a problem? The most common signs are…

When the hard drive is powered on, you will notice that the platter spin up but the computer can’t recognize it.

Also one common sign is that your PC will usually hang during the boot process.

Electronic Failure

ICs, capacitors, resistors and other electronic component on the controller board dies due to heat. When this happens,usually your hard drive will appear dead and also will be able to recognize by your PC.

Mechanical Failure

This is the problem that are caused by the platter, head, and other mechanical part inside your hard disk.

Logical Errors

It means that the hard disk is in normal working condition but has some files damaged due to overwriting, viruses or wrong formatting.

How to Fix “NTLDR is Missing” Error in Windows XP

“NTLDR is Missing : Press any Key to Restart”, This is one of the common errors that you may encounter on your computer.

ntldr is missing error on windows xp

What is NTLDR ?

NTLDR is short for New Technology Loader, this file helps to display the Microsoft Windows NT start-up menu and also helps Windows NT to load.

If you encounter “NTLDR is Missing” error, just follow these steps to fix it.

  1. Boot your computer and go to your Bios setup. Just make sure that that the “first boot” on your BIOS setting is set to CD Drive.
  2. Now load your Windows XP CD into your CD Drive. Press F10 to save the new settings on your BIOS.
  3. Your computer will restart. You will see a message “Press any key to boot from CD”, Just press any key.
  4. At menu, press “R” to load the Recovery Console
  5. Select the installation to be fixed.

Assuming that your windows installation is on drive C and your CDROM is labeled as Drive D.

6.  Type this command: “COPY D:\i386\ntldr C:\” and hit ENTER.

7.  Type this command: “COPY D:\i386\ C:\” and hit ENTER. Now                remove your WIndows XP CD and type “exit” and hit ENTER.

Your computer should be okay now. If you don’t have Windows XP CD, you may also copy the two files from another PC running on Windows XP. These files can be located in the root folder of the operating system. Hope this helps!

how to Repair Windows XP Without Formating your PC

repair windows xp without formatting your computerWhen you have a problem with your operating system (particularly Microsot Windows XP) like for example it runs very slow or hangs a lot. Don’t just format it. It should be your last option. Try to repair it first by using Windows XP recovery console. By doing this, it will save you a lot of time reinstalling all of the programs that have been installed on that PC. If you think that there are some corrupted system files, just try to repair it first without formatting.

Step by Step Instructions to Repair Windows XP without Formatting your Computer

  1. First boot your computer and go to your BIOS settings by pressing “delete” or F2 button.
  2. Once in the BIOS setting, you need to change the boot order. Change the “first boot” to CD ROM. Open you CD ROM and put your Windows Xp Installation CD.
  3. Save it and Exit. Your computer will now restart.
  4. When it restart, you will see the message “Press any key to boot from CD”. You know what to do.
  5. Now a blue screen will appear displaying this message “Welcome to setup. This portion of setup program prepares Microsoft Windows XP to run on your computer”. There are three options below, Choose “Setup Windows XP now” by pressing Enter. Do not choose to repair yet.
  6. Once you press the Enter. It will then display this message, “If one of the following Windows XP installations is damaged, Setup can try to repair it. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select and installation”. There are two options below that message. Just choose “Repair the selected windows xp installation” by pressing R.
  7. Your Windows XP installer will now run its usual installation process but it a lot
  8. quicker compare to fresh installation of the operating system. Don’t worry about your files, the recovery console will just repair some system files and will not delete any of your important files.

After the setup is finished, your windows xp errors should be fixed now and you would also notice some performace improvements on your operating system.

Hope this helps.

how to fix “Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator”

enable or disabled registry editor

If you’re always using the registry editor to edit the settings of your computer then you must have encountered this message “Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator” when you run the regedit command. One reason for this might be that the administrator has disabled this tool or it might also caused by the virus which is the common reason. Usually, the programmers of these viruses disabled the registry editor because they don’t want the users to remove the viruses’ settings on the registry editor. They also disabled the task manager. So, how do you enable the registry editor? Here’s how

Tools to Enable Registry Editor

regtools.vbs – this is a VBscript that enables and disables the registry editor. Download the file, run it, and restart your computer then try opening the registry editor.

Registry Fix – This software lets you easily fix the registry with just one click. Just Download the File, run it and click the “fix registry” button and then try opening you registry editor.  I found this file from

Enabling the Registry Editor using GPEDIT.MSC

you could also fix the registry through gpedit.msc or group policy editor. Just login if you can access the administrative user account then follow the steps below.

  1. Click Start Button then RUN
  2. Type GPEDIT.MSC and hit enter
  3. Go to User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System
  4. Double click on “Prevent Access to Registry Editing Tools” in the setting window.
  5. Select Disable or Not Configured and click OK

Reboot your computer and try to run the registry editor.

That’s how easy to re-enable the regedit or registry editor. Hope this helps !