How to Know If You Have a 32bit or 64bit Processor or Operating System

We usually encounter many programs/applications that require a 32 bit or 64 bit processor or operating system. And usually we ask ourselves “ Do I have a 32 bit or a 64 bit processor or operating system on my computer ?”. In this tutorial i will show you how you can easily find out weather your computer is running on 32 bit or 64 processor or operating system.

The difference between the 2 processors is the speed. Obviously, a 64 bit processor can process much more data quicker compare to a 32 bit processor.

When it comes to operating system, a 64 bit OS can only be used on a 64-bit processor. On the other hand the 32-bit OS can be used for both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

So, how do you know if you have a 32-bit / 64-bit processor or OS ? Here’s how

  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Click “All Programs”
  3. Click “Accessories then System Tools”
  4. Click on System Information
32 bit and 64 bit on system information

Now Look on the OS name and Processor at the right side. If you see “x86” then you have a 32-bit processor and if it is ia64 or AMD64 then you have a 64-bit processor. Obviously, you have a 64-bit operating system / processor if you have Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition installed on your system.

How to Remove Windows 7 Genuine Advantage – Easy Removal using Removewat Software

This guide will help you remove the Windows Genuine Advantage or (WGA) from Windows 7. Windows Genuine Advantage is a windows update component that is intended to validate the licence of your Windows. This error will only appear when the operating system (Windows 7) being installed on your computer is pirated. You will see this exact message error “Windows 7 build 7600. This copy of Windows is not genuine” when the test validation failed. Hackers immediately come up with a software that can easily deactivate WGA on WIndows 7. The software is called RemoveWAT. WAT means Windows Activation Technologies.


RemoveWAT can crack windows 7 ultimate, professional, enterprise, home, Basic. It will make your illegal pirated copies of Windows 7 as genuine status forever. Here’s the download link for RemoveWAT.

How to Send a Fax from a Computer – Sending Facsimile from PC

Sending facsimile from PCMost people think that to be able to send a fax, they have to use a dedicated fax machine.  But nowadays, with the use of your computers and laptop PCs, you can actually send a facsimile directly using your home computer.  How to send a facsimile from a computer?  Well, there are a couple of ways to do this.  Read on.

How to Send a Fax from a Computer  using MicrosoftFax

Did you know that you can send and receive facsimile for free using MicrosoftFax? The faxing software comes installed by default if you are running Windows XP.  First, you need to configure Windows XP Fax to be able to send and receive fax afterwards.

Setting Up and Configuring Windows XP Fax

The Facsimile Service has to be set-up first since it doesn’t come pre-installed in Windows XP.  To install:

  1. Open Control Panel, and click the Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Choose the Add/ remove Program Windows Components.  Select the Fax Services button, then click Next and follow the instructions on your screen.

Warning: You need to be certain that a modem is connected to a phone line and the phone line is connected to a working jack to make this whole thing run.

  1. Soon after the Facsimile Services is installed, configure the service in the Fax Console.  To configure the Fax Console:

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Communication -> Fax -> Fax Console

To learn more about the comprehensive step by step procedure to use Fax, visit Microsoft’s official site on Faxing in Windows XP.

Sending a Facsimile from your PC

To send facsimile from your PC:

  1. Open the document. On the file menu, click Print.
  2. In the Print Set-up box, in the Printer name, select Fax to open the Send Fax Wizard.
  3. Follow the instructions for typing in the recipient’s fax number and any other information needed. Make sure that you’ve included the area codes and long distance information.
  4. Choose a cover page. You can choose from the list or maybe opt for no cover page at all.
  5. When ready, click Send. The fax will then begin to gather the information and will start sending when the dialing does.

Don’t have a modem or a phone line to send fax on your computer?  Then you can try FaxZero. FaxZero is a free Internet tool which allows you to send facsimile for free.  You can send a facsimile to any fax machine in other parts of the country including United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada.  With FaxZero, you can send facsimile without the need of a fax machine.  However, you need a valid email address to proceed.  Aside from FaxZero, there are actually wide selections of free faxing online services that allow you to send faxes using their system.  So, be sure to check them out.

We hope that this article has taught you how to send  facsimile from your computer. Good luck!

How to Backup Device Drivers – Software to Back up Hardware Drivers

Have you lost your hardware device drivers CD or installer?   Have you already experienced planning to reformat and reinstall windows but you just can’t do it because you already lost the driver installer or device driver’s CD ? And you are worrying if how would you be able to restore the drivers after you’ve reformated the disk and reinstalled windows. If so, im about to show you a very useful program that can help you to backup and restore all of your device drivers. You would be able to backup your video card, sound card, chipset, LAN card drivers, and others. You can do it using the DriverMagician Software.

DriverMagician is a freeware.  Not only it can back up and restore but also can update your device driver of your PC for an improve system performance. Here is the key features of the DriverMagician…

DriverMagician to Back up and restore hardware device drivers

Key Features :

  • 4 modes Back up and Restore device drivers of your computer
  • Search for the latest update for the device drivers online
  • Unintall hardware drivers
  • Detect unknown devices
  • Get datailed information about the hardware drivers
  • Compile all drivers into auto-setup package or EXE file
  • supports Window XP 64-Bit, Windows 2003 64-Bit and Windows Vista 64-Bit

How to use the DriverMagician to back up and restore hardware drivers :

  1. Download, install and run the DriverMagician
  2. click the DriverBackup in the Menu and select “Search All Drivers”
  3. Click the Tools and select “Options”
  4. Choose from the 4 options (folders, compressed files, self-extractor EXE, or autosetup package)
  5. then click the “Start Backup” button

Restoration after formatting and reinstalling windows :

  1. Download, install and run the DriverMagician
  2. Click the “Driver Restoration” in the Menu.
  3. Choose from the three options.
  4. then click the “Start Restore” button.
  5. Restart your computer and you’re done.

Note: If you chose to backup the driver using autosetup package then you don’t need to reinstall the DriverMagician in order to restore the backup file. You just need to run and autosetup package.

DriverMagician Software is really useful.  If you are a computer technician this is the application that you should really have.

Hope this PC tutorial helps.  🙂

Download DriverMagician

How to Enable Windows Registry Editor ( Regedit )

how to enable registry editor - regeditRegistry Editor is a windows tool to view or modify settings in your windows registry. Windows Registry is the hierarchical database wherein all of the settings and options of the windows are being saved.  For instance, the settings of your desktop wallpaper right now, its image path, wallpaper style, and also other hidden settings are saved in your windows registry.

To open your registry editor, you need to click that start -> Run -> type regedit and hit enter.

Most of the time when opening the regedit we encounter a message like this one “registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”.

The reason maybe… Yes, that the administrator of the computer has disabled the registry editor, or it may also be a virus/worm which is actually the most common cause of this problem.

The programmers of the viruses usually disable the registry editor because commonly the viruses themselves need to use the windows registry to store their setting. And the programmer usually disable the regedit in order for the users of the computer to not manipulate or delete its settings.   Usually they also disable the task manager.  To fix this,  See how to enable / disable task manager.

So how can we enable the regedit or registry editor ? Well, its very simple, to turn the registry editing on, you can just download the Registry Fix.   This application is free and is very small in size.  The Registry Fix quickly fixes disabled registry editing.  The application tool runs on Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista and even Windows 7.

Download RegistryFix Tool Here

How to Enable / Disable the Task Manager Through Registry Editor

how to enable and disable task manager through registry editor and group policy editorTask Manager is a windows program that displays when we press the CTRL+ALT+DEL button in our keyboard. We usually use this when we want to end the process of a non-responsive program or to monitor the CPU or PF usage.

There are times that when we press the CTRL+ALT+DEL button in our keyboard, what we see is a message like this: “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator“.  Yes, the reason might be that the administrator of the computer has disabled the task manager or it can be trojan viruses which is actually the usual cause of this problem.  New Folder.exe, Kernels32.exe are some of the common viruses that disable the task manager.

The programmer of these viruses usually hide the task manager because they don’t want you to see and monitor the processes of the viruses thus avoiding the user to possibly close and end its processes through the task manager.  The trojans/viruses not only disable the Task Manager but also disable some of the important windows tools like the registry editor, task scheduler, group policy editor and even the folder option.

In this tutorial we’re going to show how you can enable and disable the task manager in your PC.  There are two ways on how to enable and disable this windows tool.  One way is through registry editor and the other one is through group policy editor.  These apply to Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

How to Enable and Disable Task Manager Through Registry Editor :

  1. Click the Start Button.
  2. Click the Run.
  3. Type the “regedit” or “regedit.exe” and hit enter.
  4. In the Registry Editor Window, go to this hive and key:        HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
  5. Look for the name: DisableTaskMgr
  6. Just delete this name or you may also change its value: 1 to Disable and 0 to enable.  In this case we want it to enable so just enter the value 0.

Enabling and Disabling Task Manager Through Group Policy Editor :

  1. Click the Start Button
  2. Click the Run
  3. Type the “gpedit.msc” and hit enter
  4. In the Group Policy Editor Window, select the following:
  5. User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System
  6. Then select the CTR+ALT+Del Options
  7. Select the “Remove Task Manager” on the right pane
  8. Double click on it to go to its properties
  9. and select disable to enable it.

What if the virus has also disabled the Registry Editor and Group Policy Editor ?

Use Task Manager Fix if Regedit and Policy Editor are also disabledMost of the viruses that usually disable the task manager usually disable the registry editor and group policy editor.   Obviously the programmer of the viruses will also restrict their victim from using the registry editor and group policy because they don’t want you to enable the task manager.   In this case you can download the Task Manager Fix.  This is just a small size program and its free.  Just download this Windows System Recovery Tool Program and click the “Fix Task Manager” button and you’re done.  This is actually the easiest way to fix the Task Manager and compare to the first two ways, you don’t have to remember the settings.

Download TaskManagerFix

How to Speed up Computer Start up – One Way to Improve Start up Speed

windows starting upYou might notice that suddenly your PC appears slower than it used to be. Well, computers tend to get slower overtime because of various reasons including – software consuming big space disk, disorganized files, and a lot of programs which automatically run at start-up. These are just some of the issues which can cause your computer a slow performance.

Okay, so you ask if there are ways to speed up computer. You’ve come to the right post because fortunately, yes, there are ways to speed up computer.  But in this post we’ll only show you one sure way to speed up the start up of your PC.

How to Improve the Start up Speed of your PC.

One factor that is considered a barrier to your computer’s start up time is the unnecessary programs that start automatically once you boot your PC.   Some of these programs set themselves to run in the background and appear quickly when needed.  Oftentimes, these programs also let you know that they’re running on the background by showing an icon. You may not notice that your computer is slowing down, but as your PC runs, in reality these autostart programs use amounts of memory from your computer.  So one way to increase the speed is to remove those unnecessary programs that you’re not using.  By doing this, you can save memory and also reducing the CPU processes during your computer boot up, thus effectively increase the performance of your PC during boot up.

Here’s how you can remove the unnecessary programs:

  1. Click the Start menu, then click Run, and type in “Msconfig”, then hit OK.
  2. A System Configuration Utility Window will appear. Click the Start up tab.
  3. The Start up tab will show you a list of the programs that are set to run once the Windows XP boot.
  4. Improve your Start up speed by unchecking the checked items which you think you don’t need upon Start up. The more items checked the slower the Start up speed.
  5. Click Apply and then restart your PC to see the changes.

Also check this startup folder for unnecessary programs, follow this instruction…

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Select “Programs”.
  3. Then, right click on the “startup” under “Programs”.
  4. Windows explorer would appear, now delete the links to unnecessary applications.

That is how easy and simple it is to improve your computer’s start up speed.   As we said, this is just one way to improve your PC’s boot time.  On our next post about PC tips, we’ll show you more of the tips on how you can improve the start up speed of your computer as well as it’s overall performance.

How to View Your House via Satellite

Have you asked yourself if there is a way to “view my house via satellite”? Well, the answer is yes. “How can I view my house via satellite?” you ask. Apparently, to see images of your house via satellite is just one click away through the Internet. Here’s how.

View Buildings, Houses, or Any Places via Satellite using Google Maps

view house via satellite using google mapPerhaps, the most common Internet tool you can make use of to see images of your house via satellite is the free website brought to us by Google – the Google Maps. To go to Google Maps, you can key-in their website  After you have accessed the site, you’ll be given a view of the United States. You can find different viewing selections on the upper right hand corner of the map.  Since you wanted to see your house via satellite, click on the “Satellite” option.

Now, you can key-in your query for either a specific or generic name of a place. Hit Enter and the map will show it to you. You will then see a layout of the place. Play with the map by grabbing or moving it around using the viewfinder. Try zoom in the map more so you can get a better view of the place you are looking for.

View Buildings, Houses, or Any Places via Satellite using Google Earth

view house via satellite using google earthIn order to get a satellite imagery of a place you wanted to see, you can also make use of yet another helpful tool – the Google Earth. However, this tool still needs to be downloaded and installed to your PC.

The Google Earth utilizes a 3D version of the planet. Same as the Google Map, to see your house you will need to zoom in and out and there, you can now see your house. In addition, the Google Earth has plugins which shows other features of the Earth such as landmarks to locate the place easily.

To view your house, there are also other Internet tools which you can use apart from Google Maps and Google Earth. Some of which are Yahoo Maps, MSN Maps, etc. But based on experience, Google has shown more up to date images compared to the other tools.

How to Get on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo at School – Unblocking the Firewall

how to get on facebook, youtube, myspace at schoolMany schools, colleges, businesses, and work use a firewall to block access to YouTube and many other websites including – Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.  Are you one of the students who are looking for ways to get on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace or any of you favorite web sites at school ? Getting past the blocked sites may not be an easy task but there are ways on how to get on YouTube at school.  The information below will help you access all of the websites that are blocked at school and access them even at your workplace.

Apparently, you can unlock and get YouTube work when it’s blocked via  proxies site or by entering and using proxy ip address on your browser which bypass security firewall set by your school or work.  For this tutorial let’s just use the proxy sites.  Because its easier to use compare to using proxy ip address, because proxy ip addresses need trial and error because you need to test each and find out which proxy IP address is active and would work on your browser.

So let’s just use proxy sites.  These are web-based proxies containing a proxy script installed on it.  It’s like a browser inside a web page. Proxies hide the site information from the network.  The proxie sites allow you to access  other blocked websites because its URL or IP address is the one visible on firewall and not the URL/IP of the websites that are blocked.

Let’s say for example that the Administrator on your school blocked your favorite networking sites like facebook or Myspace.  Then you use one of the example proxy sites listed below, lets say you used  In this case, the URL is the one that can be seen by the router or firewall and not the blocked  websites like or that you want to access.

There are actually hundreds of proxies available so you should keep a good list of proxies with you.

How to Get on Myspace, Facebook, Bebo and YouTube at School

  1. On your browser, type in the Google search box the words “list of proxy sites”.  You will then be provided with a list of proxy sites which you can use to access YouTube and other websites.  Here are some examples of proxy sites that you may want to use:
  • http://www.mywebsitecloak.inf
  1. On the proxy site chosen, Just enter the URL in the URL box or any other websites that you want to have an access on.
  2. Click VISIT or Go.  You’re done!

We suggest that you try to get a good list of proxies with you  because its still possible for administrator to block the “searching of the proxies”.  If they do you cannot search for the lists of proxy sites.  For instance, if i am the administrator and the school is using the Netgear router like im using now.  I can just simply enter the keyword “proxy” or “proxies” and the students would not be able to access the sites whenever the page they are trying to access  have the word “proxy” or “proxies” in it, even by searching through search engine like google or yahoo.  So, write down a good list of proxies and always bring it with you.

We hope that we have answered your query on how to get on YouTube, Myspace, Facebook or Bebo at school.  Bypassing on your school computers can be a good know-how but remember to use it with caution as you don’t want to wind up losing your privileges to use computers or worse is to be expelled or suspended from school.

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How to Download Songs from YouTube

How to Download Songs from YouTubeYouTube is probably the most famous online networking where you can find a wide array of videos of different genres.  Oftentimes, people who can be considered as novice in the music industry make YouTube the way to upload their songs. But the problem is that they do not have always the link to let the viewers download their soundtracks.  Or what if you wanted an mp3 of the song from a concert you’ve seen?  You do not want to put the video to your player just to be able to listen to the song, right?   So if chances are you are one of them, and you wonder how to download songs from YouTube.  If you want to get to know how to download songs from YouTube then read on.

How to Download Songs from YouTube

  1. In your browser, go to YouTube and search for the song or any video that you wanted to have an mp3 of.  When the video that you wish to download comes up in the search results, click on the video.  The video will now begin to play.
  2. Copy the URL or the full address of the video that you wanted to download.
  3. Open a new tab in your browser, and type in the website
  4. Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the box labeled “Enter Video URL below to convert into MP3,” which can be found in the text box below the site.
  5. Choose whether you wanted to have a standard or high quality MP3 and then click the command button labeled as “Download” and the site will start to fetch the MP3.
  6. Click “Download MP3” and a pop-up window will appear, just select “YES” and then click “Download MP3”. Downloading may vary depending on the file size and connection speed.

Now you can listen to your newly extracted music from YouTube on your iPod or other MP3 players. A little warning though, at times it may not support conversion because the song might have been copyrighted video clips.

Hope this article has helped you how to download song from YouTube.  We want to hear what you think about this post on the comment section below.