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32 bit and 64 bit on system information

We usually encounter many programs/applications that require a 32 bit or 64 bit processor or operating system. And usually we ask ourselves “ Do I have a 32 bit or a 64 bit processor or operating system on my computer ?”. In this tutorial i will show you how you can easily find out weather your computer is […]


This guide will help you remove the Windows Genuine Advantage or (WGA) from Windows 7. Windows Genuine Advantage is a windows update component that is intended to validate the licence of your Windows. This error will only appear when the operating system (Windows 7) being installed on your computer is pirated. You will see this exact message error “Windows 7 […]

Sending facsimile from PC

Most people think that to be able to send a fax, they have to use a dedicated fax machine.  But nowadays, with the use of your computers and laptop PCs, you can actually send a facsimile directly using your home computer.  How to send a facsimile from a computer?  Well, there are a couple of ways to […]

DriverMagician to Back up and restore hardware device drivers

Have you lost your hardware device drivers CD or installer?   Have you already experienced planning to reformat and reinstall windows but you just can’t do it because you already lost the driver installer or device driver’s CD ? And you are worrying if how would you be able to restore the drivers after you’ve reformated the disk and reinstalled […]

How to Enable Windows Registry Editor ( Regedit )

how to enable registry editor - regedit

Registry Editor is a windows tool to view or modify settings in your windows registry. Windows Registry is the hierarchical database wherein all of the settings and options of the windows are being saved.  For instance, the settings of your desktop wallpaper right now, its image path, wallpaper style, and also other hidden settings are saved in your windows […]

how to enable and disable task manager through registry editor and group policy editor

Task Manager is a windows program that displays when we press the CTRL+ALT+DEL button in our keyboard. We usually use this when we want to end the process of a non-responsive program or to monitor the CPU or PF usage. There are times that when we press the CTRL+ALT+DEL button in our keyboard, what we see is a message like […]

windows starting up

You might notice that suddenly your PC appears slower than it used to be. Well, computers tend to get slower overtime because of various reasons including – software consuming big space disk, disorganized files, and a lot of programs which automatically run at start-up. These are just some of the issues which can cause your […]

How to View Your House via Satellite

view house via satellite using google map

Have you asked yourself if there is a way to “view my house via satellite”? Well, the answer is yes. “How can I view my house via satellite?” you ask. Apparently, to see images of your house via satellite is just one click away through the Internet. Here’s how. View Buildings, Houses, or Any Places […]

how to get on facebook, youtube, myspace at school

Many schools, colleges, businesses, and work use a firewall to block access to YouTube and many other websites including – Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.  Are you one of the students who are looking for ways to get on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace or any of you favorite web sites at school ? Getting past the blocked […]

How to Download Songs from YouTube

How to Download Songs from YouTube

YouTube is probably the most famous online networking where you can find a wide array of videos of different genres.  Oftentimes, people who can be considered as novice in the music industry make YouTube the way to upload their songs. But the problem is that they do not have always the link to let the […]

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