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How to Speed Up Internet Connection

how to speed up internet connection by tweaking your DNS and Browsers

“Hi,   I have DSL Broadband  connection but its like im still using and stuck with old dial-up because its very slow.   Are there any ways on how to speed up internet connection ? “- Nina “I have a very slow DSL.  Is there any tweak to optimise my internet connection so that web pages […]

how to protect files and folders with filesecrets

Concerned about how you can protect confidential files and folders? Are you asking how you can protect those critical files and no one’s going to notice the existence of those files? Now you can secure your data and protect confidential files and folders and even hide them through the use of the free software named […]

How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

Restoration File Recovery to Recover Deleted Files in Recycle Bin

Did you unintentionally delete a file from your recycle bin? Are you wondering what to do next? If you are asking if you can still recover those files after deleting them from your recycle bin, well the answer is yes! It has been a common mistaken belief that once you delete your files from the […]

How Do I Convert iTunes to MP3 ?

how to convert itunes to mp3

MP3 has been the most well-known standard format played into music players.  However, not all personal music players are capable of playing digital sounds in an MP3 format. Let us take for example the Apple branded products. iPod and iPhones use a specific type of music file known as Advance Audio Coding (AAC).  The AAC […]

How to Make YouTube Faster – Fast Videos Loading

how to make youtube videos load faster

Oftentimes, you will notice that once you hit the Play button when you try to play a certain video on YouTube, the video frequently stops. YouTube videos can sometimes upload at  snail’s pace especially if you have slow Internet connection. It can really be annoying to experience a tedious start-stop quality in YouTube.  We have […]

How to Translate a Web Page

how to translate a web page

Being an English Online Teacher to foreign students, particularly Korean students, it’s pretty obvious that they won’t be able to understand you most of the time especially the kids who wanted to learn English as a foreign language. And oftentimes, you couldn’t help but run out of words to explain what you wanted to say […]

How to Clean Your DVDs and CDs

how to clean cds and dvds

Cleaning your dirty disks requires extra care as discs can really be very delicate and you might accidentally scratch your disk media making it become useless. We have here some easy steps to help you in cleaning disks in no time.  Follow these quick and simple guides to get your disks back to its shiny […]

How Do I Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard?

Are you asking yourself  “How do I Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard” ?.  Are you among those people who have been trying to track down how to put special characters on your favorite social networking sites? Well, the conventional thing to let it appear is through the Insert symbol and the easiest thing […]

reformat and reinstall windows xp

Sometimes, problem with Computer caused by PC viruses gets worse and reformatting your computer and reinstalling operating system (Windows XP, NT, Windows Vista, etc…) becomes your only option in order to fix your PC.  Knowing how to reformat a computer will help you to save your money in times of PC problem because you can […]

How to Remove Antivirus System Pro

Antivirus System Pro is not a real antivirus. This is a fake antivirus that you may get from downloading movie, codec, song, etc. or mostly from spam sites like the antivirsystem.com that is one among the sites that promoting this rogue software. If you always see annoying fake pop-up messages every time that you boot […]

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