How to Speed Up Internet Connection

“Hi,   I have DSL Broadband  connection but its like im still using and stuck with old dial-up because its very slow.   Are there any ways on how to speed up internet connection ? “- Nina

“I have a very slow DSL.  Is there any tweak to optimise my internet connection so that web pages load much faster ? ” – Sarah

how to speed up internet connection by tweaking your DNS and BrowsersI guess you’ve come here because you also have a problem with your slow internet connection and so you are looking for ways on how to speed up internet connection.  right ?

This is one of the most common problems.  Having a slow internet connection is extremely annoying and frustrating especially when you’re an internet addict and the loading of web page elements take more than 10 minutes to load.

Here are some of the tweaks that will optimize and speed up your internet connection.  Whether you have DSL or Dial-Up Connection, this tweak  can help to speed up your internet connection assuming that you have  a fast computer.  No need for other accelerator freeware or software that  only promises to speed up your connection.  Let’s start with DNS Server.

What is a DNS Server  and How it works ?

DNS Stands for Domain Name System.  What DNS does is that it translates the user friendly names like into IP address.  So for example you type in your mozilla firefox browser.  Your computer then will contact a series of DNS servers around the internet for it to be able to know the IP address that you typed.  It is important to understand that your PC has to contact not only one but several computers, so your PC has to ask and wait for response then ask and wait for response several times before DNS finally reveal the IP address of the friendly name that you typed in your browser’s address bar including the all of the  links in that web page.   Yes, not only the URL that you typed in the address bar but also all of the file’s link in a web page.  Let’s say for example that a web page has 1 youtube video linked from, 1 facebook widget linked from, 1 image linked from, 1 flash game linked from  So,  All of those links have to be translated  into IP addresses by the Domain Name System Server.

Obviously DNS Server has something to do with the speed of your internet.  If the Domain Name System Server is not responding or has slow response time then the loading of web page elements and the speed of your internet would be very much affected.

So how can we improve the speed of your internet connection ?  The trick is to use a reliable Domain Name System Server with fast response time.  OpenDNS is considered one of the reliable and fastest DNS Server.

How to Speed Up Internet connection by using  OPENDNS Server

  1. In Windows XP or Vista Click on the Start Button, click Run and then type in ncpa.cpl
  2. Right click on your active network connection and then click the Properties.
  3. On the General tab, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)  and click the Properties.
  4. On the properties screen, select “Use the following DNS server addresses ” and then type these following IP addresses:
    • Preffered:
    • Alternate:
  5. Click OK and You’re Done

After you’ve changed the setting of your DNS, you should see a noticeable improvement in the speed of your internet.  Now let’s tweak and optimize your browser to further speed up your internet connection.

Tweak and Optimize Your Internet Explorer browser

  1. Click start and go to run.
  2. Command prompt Window will open, now type this “regsvr32 actxprxy.dll”
    and press enter.
  3. Now Restart your computer and your IE should be much faster

This actxprxy.dll file is one of the internet explorer’s core libraries and the internet explorer wont work at all if this file is not properly registered.

Tweak and Optimize Your Mozilla Firefox browser

  1. Open you mozilla firefox
  2. type “about:config” in the address bar.
  3. Then enter this “pipelining” keyword on the “Filter:”  textbox.  Then,  look for the following entries below.
    • network.http.proxy.pipelining
    • network.http.pipelining
    • network.http.pipelining.maxrequests
  4. then change its value to “true”, “true”, and “8” respectively.

These settings enable the pipelining in mozilla firefox.  Pipelining is a technique of sending out multiple HTTP requests to the web server then downloading and assembling different parts of a web page to your browser resulting in a much faster loading of a web page.

Hope you learned how to speed up your internet connection,  Happy Surfing  🙂

Protect Confidential Files and Folders with FileSecrets

how to protect files and folders with filesecretsConcerned about how you can protect confidential files and folders? Are you asking how you can protect those critical files and no one’s going to notice the existence of those files?

Now you can secure your data and protect confidential files and folders and even hide them through the use of the free software named FileSecrets.

Although Windows has a feature which allows us to configure a setting that will give the PC users rights to access some files and folders, you still wouldn’t be peaceful as your documents can still be easily changed by other PC users that have right access on your files.  So if you want to protect your confidential documents and folders or better yet hide them, then you can try FileSecrets.

FileSecrets is free software which lets you protect your files from unauthorized access.  It is simple and light application, yet an effective means to protect confidential files and folders. Aiming to secretly secure your documents, this tool will surely help you not to give any idea to other users of your computer on how you have protected your documents.  Much more is that they won’t even notice that such document exists.  FileSecrets is supported and compatible with Windows XP / Windows 7/ Vista / 2008 / 2003.

filesecrets for files folders security

So what can you do with the FileSecrets? Well, the FileSecrets have the following preference based on your protection needs:

  1. Deny Access to File or Folder – This feature will help you control access of a specific file or folder from any user or application. When using this option, locked files and folders will be accessed only until you have disabled its entry from FileSecrets GUI.
  2. Deny Modify to File or Folder– If you want to share your documents, you can make use of this option. But this helps you restrict a person to do any alteration or delete a file.  This option can also be of use at times when you want to secure your files from any Trojan infections and yet leaving them accessible.
  3. Password Protection– This software is password protected. When someone runs the application, the user will be asked for the password you set.
  4. FileSecrets GUI– Simple graphic user interface to add files and folders you want to secure as well as what type of protection.
  5. Hide the File or Folder– use this when hiding your documents and folders from any application. It will be hidden in a way as if your file does not exist in the file system. By doing this, users will not be able to view your files.

I guess these options have given you many useful tips on how to protect confidential files and folders. So, now just go and get the FreeSecrets file already and experience what it can actually do for you.

Download FileSecrets

How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

Did you unintentionally delete a file from your recycle bin? Are you wondering what to do next? If you are asking if you can still recover those files after deleting them from your recycle bin, well the answer is yes! It has been a common mistaken belief that once you delete your files from the recycle bin then that data is gone forever. But listen; there is in fact a way on how to recover deleted files from recycle bin before they permanently lost forever.

What happens to files after the recycle bin is emptied?


Before we start the course on how to restore your files, let’s have a little background first on what happens to the files after the recycle bin is emptied.

Well, you see your files and data are never really deleted once you empty the recycle bin. Your access to those files is just simply removed by the operating system from the hard disk. The location of the files cannot be read from the computer but in totality the space where the data exist remains.

However, the files can be over-written at anytime. That is why when you attempt to recover a deleted file from the recycle bin, make sure that you remember some of the things that can make your recovery of deleted file$ possible.

Recover Deleted Files from the Recycle Bin

Upon accidental deletion of files remember to turn off your PC immediately. Never try to save or install any new programs while attempting to recover lost files. The next thing to do is to run data recovery software that will help you perform recycle bin recovery from your hard disk drive. Some data recovery software can not just help you search for your deleted file$ on your drive but also allows you to restore some file$ from your floppy disks and USBs. You can recover what is secretly left on your PC unless those files have been over-written.

RESTORATION: File Recovery Freeware by Brian Kato

One of the recovery software that i like to use is the Restoration File Recovery created by Brian Kato.  This program is a freeware and not only works in Windows 98 but also on Windows XP, 2000,  NT or Windows Vista.   You can use disk to recover deleted file$ in hard disk, Floopy disk, or USB Flash Disk.   Restoration File Recovery is only 406 KB size program.  You can download it here.  The image below was the screenshot of the Restoration File Recovery as it scans all of the deleted file$ when i was trying to undelete some of the image file$ that i accidentally deleted from Recycle Bin.

Restoration File Recovery to Recover Deleted Files in Recycle Bin

How to UnErase Deleted File Using this Program:

  1. Enter the filè type of the file$ in the “All of part of the File Textbox” indicated by the Red Arrow #1.  When you are trying to undelete all of the files then don’t enter anything in that textbox.
  2. Select the File that you want to unerase.
  3. Click the “Restore by Copying” button indicated by the Red Arrow #2.  It is recommended to save the deleted file that you’re trying to recover on another partition.  This is to avoid overwriting the deleted files that you have not yet recovered.

Deleted Files That I was Able to Recover

When i was trying to recover the deleted file$ using this software, i was only able to recover the image files that had been deleted for a week.  I wasn’t able to recover the deleted file$ that had been deleted for a month.  So it is recommended to do the recovering of the file$ as soon as you accidentally deleted it.

Hope this Helps 🙂

How Do I Convert iTunes to MP3 ?

how to convert itunes to mp3MP3 has been the most well-known standard format played into music players.  However, not all personal music players are capable of playing digital sounds in an MP3 format. Let us take for example the Apple branded products. iPod and iPhones use a specific type of music file known as Advance Audio Coding (AAC).  The AAC and AIFF format are readily available through iTunes supported by the Apple management software. Also, most of the files bought from iTunes are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected letting us play those files only on specific computers and devices.

Okay, so you’ve purchased a lot of songs in iTunes but you’re player isn’t an Apple iPod that’s why you can’t listen to it in your portable music player and you’ve been wondering “How Do I convert iTunes to MP3?” Well, you don’t have to fret about that stuff because you can convert those Apple iTunes AAC or M4p audio format to an MP3.

To avoid experiencing this problem again, you may have to convert the media files into a more frequent digital audio format known as MP3. But the methods of converting these files to MP3 format depend as to whether the files are DRM protected or not.

How to Convert Non-Protected Files

To convert iTunes to MP3 format, you need to:

  • Start iTunes from the Start Menu Programs
  • Go to Edit →Preferences → General and then select the Import Setting Button. (In older versions of iTunes you may have to select Edit →Preferences → Advanced →Importing )
  • You have to change the Import Setting to MP3 Encoder.
  • Click OK to save the settings.
  • Try to right click on a music track and select the option “Convert Selection to MP3.” You will be able to play the track and convert it to MP3 format if it’s not protected. If the media file is protected, a window will appear telling you that you can’t convert the track to other media formats. That is where you have to find another solution to your problem.

How to Convert Protected Files

So you tried the first step, but unfortunately it wasn’t successful. It turned out you can only convert unprotected file formats (such as WAV or WMA) to MP3. So, what are you going to do next? You have to options on how to do so:

Option 1: Burn the track/s to a compact disc. Make sure that you’re burning an audio and not a data CD.  Check the setting Edit →Preferences → General →Burning to avoid problems in importing the tracks. You can then open the CD in iTunes and then right click the media file and choose the “Convert Selection to MP3.” By doing this option, you will have two copies of the song in iTunes. One is in the original AAC format and the other is the newly converted to MP3 format. You can delete the AAC format if you like.

Option 2: You can install the NoteBurner software if you have a lot of music tracks that you need to convert. The NoteBurner software is virtual CD drives which can replicate a real CD burner. By replicating a real CD burner, it gets rid of the need for real CD-R discs.

So, “How Do I convert iTunes to MP3 ?”, We hope that we’ve answered your question and with the steps that we’ve given you, you can now enjoy your iTunes tracks even on non-Apple computers and devices. Good luck!

How to Make YouTube Faster – Fast Videos Loading

how to make youtube videos load fasterOftentimes, you will notice that once you hit the Play button when you try to play a certain video on YouTube, the video frequently stops. YouTube videos can sometimes upload at  snail’s pace especially if you have slow Internet connection. It can really be annoying to experience a tedious start-stop quality in YouTube.  We have here some of the tips on how  you can make YouTube videos load faster.

Upgrade Your PC’s Memory to Make YouTube Videos Load Faster

The first and the most important tips that you can do to make the youtube videos load faster is  by upgrading your memory.  This will help to boost the performance of your PC and of course helps to buffer the  youtube videos faster.  During the buffering of the youtube videos, your PC has to put certain amount of stream into memory.  And if you don’t have enough memory, your PC has to use the virtual memory or you hard disk as a temporary RAM to store the youtube videos being buffered.  Reading and Writing data into memory is much faster compare to hard disk and also it will affect the overall performance of your PC,  so consider upgrading your memory if you want to make the Youtube Videos load faster.

If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed in your PC, it is recomended that you have at least 1 GB of Memory.  512 MB if you have Windows XP and 128MB for Millenium Edition and Windows 98.

If you don’t have time to upgrade your RAM, try closing all of the programs that you’re not using.  This will at least help to save memory thus helping to make the YouTube Videos load faster.

Use the SpeedBit Video Accelerator to Make the Videos Buffer Faster

Speedbit Video AcceleratorYou can install this SpeedBit Video Accelerator on your PC and experience a hassle-free feeling of watching your favorite YouTube videos. The software will make the videos buffer faster and play them without interruptions. The SpeedBit Video Accelerator helps to multi-connect your browser to specific streaming video server thus allowing the videos to download faster at the same time and making the videos play with fewer disruptions.  Click on the right image to see the diagram of the SpeedBit Video Accelerator and see how it helps tomake YouTube videos load faster.

Mozilla Firefox Tweak

If the browser you are using is Mozilla Firefox, you can change some  of its configurations through its about:config setting that has something to do with pipelining.  The easier way to do this is by downloading and installing the the FasterFox Mozilla Firefox Plugin.  This plugin helps to dramatically increase the speed of your Firefox .

Use the Fast Forward Option

YouTube has only just added a Fast Forward button in their player. Click on any part in the slider in the loading bar. The video will start playing from there.  By doing this you can save bandwidth and time.

Use the Pause Button

Playing the video while its buffering will only slow down the video’s buffer speed.  Much better if you just click the Pause button in YouTube and let the loading bar turn completely red which means that the video is fully loaded. After this, you can click the Play button and you can watch the video without interruption.  

With the options that we’ve given you, you don’t have to wait for a pretty long time to get the videos build up fast. So, we hope you can now enjoy watching fast loading YouTube videos.

How to Translate a Web Page

how to translate a web pageBeing an English Online Teacher to foreign students, particularly Korean students, it’s pretty obvious that they won’t be able to understand you most of the time especially the kids who wanted to learn English as a foreign language. And oftentimes, you couldn’t help but run out of words to explain what you wanted to say to your students. This thing doesn’t just happen to teachers as even you can experience this one.

The widely-used of the Internet is not just for people who have English as their native language. You may also notice that some web pages are posted using other people’s native languages. This may be a problem, especially if you’re dying to know what the content of the page is. But you never have to sulk anymore because there is a way wherein you can translate those texts to your native language for free.

We have prepared some instructions on how to translate a web page. Here’s how:

  • You have to find out what language the web page is really in. You can look at the last part of the URL to know the country code of some non-English websites.
  • Go over to the text that you want to translate and then highlight it by holding the left mouse button down. Another way to highlight is by using the computer shortcut key which is “CTRL + A.”
  • You can copy the text by right-clicking and choosing “Copy.” You can also copy the text by using the shortcut “CTRL + C.”
  • Open a new tab in your browser and go to or . The Google Translate and Yahoo Babel Fish are some of the free online translation tools which can help you translate a web page.
  • In the translation box, paste the copied web page texts by right-clicking and choosing “Paste” or by using “CTRL + V.”
  • You have to choose the language that you need to translate from, and then the language that you need to translate to (e.g. Romanian to Estonian or English to Chinese) and then hit the “Translate” button. You can choose from an array of languages such as Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, and Haitian Creole. Translated text will now appear in the language you wanted to read.

Translating a web page text is really simple, right? We hope that the instructions have given you more chances to put the World Wide Web into your hands.

How to Clean Your DVDs and CDs

Cleaning your dirty disks requires extra care as discs can really be very delicate and you might accidentally scratch your disk media making it become useless.

We have here some easy steps to help you in cleaning disks in no time.  Follow these quick and simple guides to get your disks back to its shiny reflective surface.  Here are some tips on how to clean your DVDs and CDs.

In cleaning your DVDs and CDs, you will need baby shampoo, a soft cloth, alcohol, and distilled water.

how to clean cds and dvdsBefore we start, let me give you some reminders first. Make sure that you clean the disk surface from inner to outer. That means, you have to wipe it from the center hole to the outer edge in a back and forth motion. Take note: avoid wiping it in a circular motion. Hold the CD and DVD on the outer surface and not with your thumb inserted in the hole.

Use a soft cloth to clean your CDs and DVDs.  If your CDs and DVDs have dust particles, wipe it with a dry soft cotton cloth in a manner that I have mentioned earlier.

But if the disks are either sticky or greasy, try to clean it with a small amount of baby shampoo mixed in distilled water.  Gently rub the surface with the soft cloth. CDs and DVDs should be completely dry before putting it back to your CD case.

For fingerprint marks on the discs, you can make use of a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and tenderly remove the dirt.  Acetone is never recommended for cleaning your CDs and DVDs as it will ruin your discs.

As for scratched discs, there are commercially available polish products that can you repair the scratches in your DVDs and CDs.

In case of scratches, try to make an immediate back-up of your CD as your CD/DVD player, CD/DVD drive may likely refuse to read your discs.

I hope that some of the methods written here have helped you ease your worries on how to clean your DVDs and CDs.

How Do I Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard?

Are you asking yourself  “How do I Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard” ?.  Are you among those people who have been trying to track down how to put special characters on your favorite social networking sites? Well, the conventional thing to let it appear is through the Insert symbol and the easiest thing on how to do it can be through copy and paste which is not bad though. But surely, there is a more convenient way on how to integrate those special picture characters into your text.

How Do I Make a Heart Symbol On My KeyboardWhen making graphics with your text fonts you can use the “ALT” key and the numbers in your numeric keypad. You have to be certain that you use your numeric keypad by setting the Num-Lock on. The graphics won’t work if you use the numbers on top of the keyboard.

With the use of your numeric keypad, you need to hold down the “ALT” key and then a corresponding number for the special character that you would like to see. Let’s say you wanted to make a heart symbol with your keyboard  and put in together with you status in Facebook or Twitter.  So this is how: for a black suit ♥, hold down Alt and press the number 3 (Alt + 3).  Then release the Alt key and the character will appear. Voila, That’s how easy to make a heart symbol with keyboard.  Very easy, right? I am sure you are going to be very excited to know how to make other symbol keyboard shortcuts like a smiley face, arrow, and infinity symbols.

Here are some other lists for the symbol keyboard shortcuts:

ALT + 1 = ☺ Smiley Face Symbol
ALT + 2 = ☻ Black Suit Smiley Face Symbol
ALT + 3 = ♥ Heart Symbol
ALT + 4 = ♦ Diamond
ALT + 5 = ♣ Spade
ALT + 6 = ♠Club
ALT + 7 = •Bullet
ALT + 8 = ◘Bullet
ALT + 9 = ○ Bullet

ALT + 14 = ♫ Musical Note Symbol
ALT + 15 = ☼ Sun Symbol
ALT + 0169 = © Copyright Symbol
ALT + 0153 = ™ Trademark Symbol
ALT + 0174 = ® Registered Symbol

We have a lot more of these so you can just explore your Alt keys and numeric keypad and enjoy the special characters that you’ve wanted to know.

How to ReFormat a Computer and Reinstall Windows XP or Vista

reformat and reinstall windows xpSometimes, problem with Computer caused by PC viruses gets worse and reformatting your computer and reinstalling operating system (Windows XP, NT, Windows Vista, etc…) becomes your only option in order to fix your PC.  Knowing how to reformat a computer will help you to save your money in times of PC problem because you can reformat your disk yourself and you don’t have to call for technicians.  Formatting a disk is just one of the basics when it comes to computer troubleshooting but most people don’t know how to do it.  If you are one of them, here’s how to reformat a computer and also how to reinstall your Windows XP or Windows Vista Operating System.

Note:  Before you continue to reformat your PC make sure to back-up those important files first and also make sure that you have the right driver

software for your hardware for the proper functioning after reinstalling windows.

How to ReFormat A Computer and Reinstall Windows XP.

  1. Insert the Windows XP Installation CD.
  2. Turn on or Restart your PC.
  3. When the PC starts to boot, keep pressing F2 or DEL to enter BIOS Setup. (This depends between manufacturers)
  4. Once inside the BIOS Setup, we need to change the start-up sequence, so that the CD/DVD ROM is in the first boot sequence.  Go to the Boot Menu and follow this sequence:  CD/DVD ROM, Removable Devices, Hard Drive, Network Boot.
  5. Press F10 to save and exit.
  6. Your computer will restart, and once you see this message “Press any key to boot from CD” , you know what to do.
  7. Wait for a few moments and then press enter to enter Windows XP Setup.
  8. Press F8 to agree and then Press “ESC” to continue to Setup.
  9. Now select a partition where you want to install Windows XP and then press enter.
  10. Choose NTFS File System to Format the disk and press enter.
  11. Wait for few moments while setup formats the disk. After formatting, setup will copy files to disk, After that it will restart automatically. When the PC restarted, click “NEXT”.
  12. Then enter your Name, then click the “NEXT” button.
  13. Now, enter the Product Key and press enter.
  14. Change the Computer name if you want and then click the “NEXT” button.
  15. Change the time if you want and then click the “NEXT” button.
  16. Click the “Typical setting” for the networking setting and then click the “NEXT” button.
  17. Change the name of the workgroup if you want and then click the “NEXT” button.
  18. Your PC will automatically restart again, when it restarted, click the “NEXT” button at the lower right corner of the screen.
  19. Choose “Help Protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates” and then click the “NEXT” button.
  20. Enter the username and then click the “NEXT” button.
  21. You’ve just finished reinstalling windows XP, now the next thing to do is to reinstall the driver software of your hardwares.

How to ReFormat Your Computer and Reinstall Windows Vista.

  1. Insert the Windows XP Vista CD.
  2. Turn on or restart your computer.
  3. When the PC starts to boot, keep pressing F2 or DEL to enter BIOS Setup. (This depends between manufacturers)
  4. Once inside the BIOS Setup, we need to change the start-up sequence, so that the CD/DVD ROM is in the first boot sequence.  Go to the Boot Menu and follow this sequence:  CD/DVD ROM, Removable Devices, Hard Drive, Network Boot.
  5. Press F10 to save and exit.
  6. Your computer will restart, Strike any key When you see the message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”
  7. Install Windows Screen appears, Select the Time, Language, Currency format, Keyboard or input method.
  8. Another Install windows will appear, press the INSTALL NOW button to continue.
  9. Now you you will see a screen asking you to enter the product key.  You can find the product key on a label on the packaging.  You may also choose the “Automatically Activate Windows When I’m Online”, if you chose this option, the operating system will verify that you have a valid product key within 30 days of installation using Activation Wizard.
  10. Agree to license agreement.
  11. Now we have to choose for the type of installation.  Since we are doing clean installation of Windows Vista, we have
    to choose Custom installation.
  12. After the type of installation, you will now have to choose the disks where you want to install the Windows Vista.
    Click the Drive Option to show the Format, and New (to be used when you want to crease New Partition) Option.
  13. Make sure to choose the right partition disk that you want to format. Now click the Format and wait for a few moments.
  14. After it finished formatting, click Next button. Its just a matter of waiting as Vista goes through the install motions.  It will restart several time.  Installation  can take from 30 minutes or over an hour.

Hope this helps.  🙂

How to Remove Antivirus System Pro

Antivirus System Pro is not a real antivirus. This is a fake antivirus that you may get from downloading movie, codec, song, etc. or mostly from spam sites like the that is one among the sites that promoting this rogue software. If you always see annoying fake pop-up messages every time that you boot your PC then your computer might be infected by this fake antivirus. Antivirus System Pro can corrupt your files and can get important information from your PC. Once your computer is infected with Antivirus System Pro, the fake antivirus immediately scare the user by showing messages stating that your “PC is infected with viruses” asking you to click in a button for a quick scan of your computer to locate the viruses and will also keep asking you to buy the full version of their Antivirus System Pro. So, don’t buy it coz you already know that it’s not a real program that can protect your computer againts viruses. Just ignore those messages and remove the rogue anti-virus immediately.

Antivirus System Pro

How to know if your your PC is being infected by Antivirus System Pro

  • Slow system
  • Repeated fake pop-up messages like “Your computer is infected by spyware”
  • Sites that suddenly come up
  • When you see the Antivirusssystempro.exe process name once you press Ctrl + ALt + Del

How to remove the Antivirus System Pro

When i first encounter this rogue software and i never knew that it was a fake software what i did was just to uninstall the software using the add/remove program in control panel. But it was not effective because when i rebooted my PC the fake antivirus reinstalled itself again and started to display it’s annoying messages.

So the effective way to remove the Antivirus System Pro is by stopping the hidden processes (Antivirussystempro.exe), locating the hidden files then removing it. You also have to delete the registry keys installed by this rogue software.

Here are the files created under the %ProgramFiles%\Antivirus System PRO\ , To locate these files just go to your Program Files usually in Drive C: then locate the folder Antivirus System Pro.

  • conf.cfg
  • mbase.vdb
  • quarantine.vdb
  • queue.vdb
  • Antivirussystempro.exe
  • uninstall.exe

Note that you have to first press the Ctrl + Alt + Del in the keyboard and stop the process name Antivirussystempro.exe in order to remove or delete this file (Antivirussystempro.exe).

Here are the keys added by the Fake Antivirus in your Windows Registry

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Antivirus System PRO
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Antivirus System PRO
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Antivirus System PRO

Delete the files and keys in registry that were mentioned and you can get rid of this annoying virus. Another easier way to remove Antivirus System Pro is by installing the NVT Malware Remover Tool. Just install the application and perform a quick scan. Restart the PC when disinfection is completed.


Remember: Don’t purchase the full version of Antivirus System Pro,the goal of the developer of this fake antivirus is to trick you to buy their product to steal your hard earned money.