Cricut Cake Printer to Print Edible Goodies

Provo Craft is known for making innovations to make special events or even daily lives extra special through their die cut machine and printer rolled into one.  Though it’s not something new, as the creator itself has already boasted one like this, Provo Craft has added another single and easy to use device that will help one cut and print and add dimensions to our favorite desserts like never before.  Having said these, let’s welcome the newest addition to the company’s line – the Cricut Cake Printer.

Cricut Cake Printer

Originally, yes the Cricut Cake is a printer.  It has a cutting head as an alternative to ink cartridges which then cuts template and patterns once a sheet of paper is fed.  With this, you can cut food materials like cake, chocolate, frosting sheets, soft candies, etc. Specs and features-wise, this fantastically made machine offers the following:

  • Cricut Cake Machine
  • Blade Assembly
  • Cake Basics Cartridge
  • Keypad Overlay
  • 12” x 12” Cutting Mat
  • Cartridge Plug
  • Cartridge Skirt
  • User Manual
  • Getting to Know Your Cricut Cake Machine CD Rom

The wonderful innovation, Cricut Cake printer, is already available in a variety of retail stores at a price of $399.99.  Interested consumers can also watch out for it when it goes on sale in Amazon for $269.83 inclusive of free shipping.

Epson Artisan 835 and Artisan 725 All-in-One Printers

Here are the latest All-in-One printer from Epson, – the Artisan 835 and 725. This recently introduced AIO Printers are the world’s fastest 4×6 photo print speeds and can print photo in less than ten seconds without losing the quality.

Both of the Artisan 835 and 725 All-in-One printers feature LCD display, fast wireless connectivity, wireless printing from an Apple iPhone and can both print, scan and copy documents.  The two AIO printers also deliver crisp and vibrant colors with its 6-color Ultra High Definition Claria Ink.

Epson Artisan 835 and 725 All-in-One Printers

Specs of the Epson Artisan includes 7.8 Smart Touch Panel, 3.5-inch color LCD (allows printing without using your PC), 30-page Automatic Document Feeder that allows the user to easily copy and fax documents and integrated fax capability. While the Artisan 725 has a slightly smaller 2.5-inch color LCD display, enhanced touch panel

You can have the Artisan 835 for the price of $299.99 and the 725 for the price of $199.99.  Release date of the two All-in-One Multifunction Printers will be by mid-August.

Are Refurbished Ink Cartridges for Printers a Good Choice?

canon printer used and recycled ink cartridgeIf you wanted to save money for our printing jobs, then you might opt for the refurbished cartridges.  It’s because of the fact that they are convenient to be bought, and environment friendly.  But are refurbished ink cartridges for printers good? While refurb ink cartridges may not be appropriate for vital printing projects, somehow it may be ideal for home use.


Refurbished ink cartridges or what other people sometimes call as remanufactured / reconditioned cartridges are actually talks about used ink cartridges that will be refilled with ink in order to be used again.

Ok, let’s break into details and see whether refurbished cartridges are any good or bad.

Advantages :

Due to its low price, refurb ink cartridges are really becoming an option to a lot of consumers.  If best manufactured, refilled ones oftentimes offer the same quality as the other brand-new units.  It also come packing in the same sets as the original which you can buy way cheaper.  Aside from the money saving scheme, they are also environment friendly. How ? Reconditioning them prevent adding up more nonbiodegradable wastes to landfills.

Refilling can also be a do-it-yourself method, that’s why it is also convenient. Furthermore, rebuilt ink cartridges are widely available.  They are no longer sold in select items, but they are almost everywhere so consumers do not have to worry if there isn’t any shop near them because they can even make orders online.

Disadvantages :

Of course, refurbished cartridges also have downsides.  At times, it  tend to be a little messy. There are times, too, when they fail to work. Others also say that refilled ones have a tendency to harm the print head which in return damages the main board as well.

Moreover, since a lot has been selling remanufactured ink cartridges especially those who are not too well-known, the quality can be compromised. Or when you have purchased them online, you won’t really know how full they are.  By these, it may be a little too late and the cost to repair those mistakes might exceed so the money saved is not worth at all.

Conclusion :

While it may be hard to decide whether refurbished ink cartridges are good or bad, maybe then we can just make some considerations when purchasing them. Say, be practical about your needs for rebuilt cartridges. If you are in need of a top of the line printing job, then it’s better not to gamble on using these.  But if you will only have it for household printing or a bulk of financial reports, then it would be perfect to use refurbished ink.

Lastly, if you are going to purchase, make sure that you buy from a reliable party.  Doing this will not only help you spare money, but will also allow you to purchase one that has met the standards of an OEM cartridge.

That’s it. We hope that this post has helped you with your query regarding refurbished inkjet cartridges.

How to Refill an HP Ink Cartridge

How to Refill an HP Ink CartridgeSome people think that ink refill damages printers or in a way loses the quality of printers. But did you know, refilling cartridges is actually safe and doesn’t compromise the printing quality of your documents as long as your cartridge isn’t damaged? In addition, it is actually cheaper that is why you won’t have to shed a couple of bucks from your pockets to buy a new one.

Okay, others might have had a little trouble with refilling their cartridges, but it is all a matter of doing the right method. That’s why if you are one of the persons mentioned, then you’ve come to the right post as in this article we’ll give you tips on how to refill an HP cartridge.  Continue reading …

How to Refill / Recharge an HP Ink Cartridge

  1. Refilling an HP cartridge is potential for creating a mess that’s why you have to be certain that the area you are working on is safe. You can work on the sink or try to cover the area with towels or rags which you don’t mind getting a spill on.
  2. Make use of a medical syringe to inject the fresh ink refill into the cartridge. Sometimes, a non-medical syringe is available in the inkjet refill kit that you have purchased.
  3. Wipe it first, seeing that you have removed the solidified ink.
  4. Look for the filling hole in the empty cartridge which you are about to refill. Oftentimes you’ll find it on top and is sometimes under the sticker in your cartridge. Manufacturers and suppliers of toner cartridges have left us a hole to refill the cartridges.
  5. With your syringe, take 10ml of the correct ink that you’re going to refill. Check the capacity of ink that you’re HP cartridge can allow per chamber.
  6. Now, insert the needle of the syringe into the hole of the cartridge. Inject the ink slowly to the filling hole being careful that the ink does not come out of the hole.
  7. Reseal the sticker or the plastic film cover on the hole of the cartridge and place the cartridge to the holder.  Squeeze the cartridges and a small amount of ink should leak from the print head.
  8. Remove the cartridge holder and wipe the cartridge in a vertical motion with a tissue paper. Allow it to stand with the printhead down to draw out unnecessary ink and stabilize the pressure in the cartridge.
  9. You can now insert the HP cartridge back to your printer.  Try to print a test page and when you’re able to read what you have printed and achieved the desired color, then you are done refilling.

Its just simple, right?  We hope that we’ve helped you with the instructions that we’ve written in this post. If you still find it a little complicated, make sure that you ask someone who has a vast knowledge on how to recharge an HP ink cartridge. Good luck!

How to Save Printer Ink and Make it Last Longer

how to save printer ink and make it last longerPrinter ink can be quite expensive and it feels devastating at times when you need to print something important. Also, you may have settled for some ink cartridges expecting to cut down on costs, but ended up just ruining your printer. And now, you ask yourself how to save printer ink and make it last longer.

Actually the issue is not about how to save money or buy cheaper printer ink.  It’s about how to save printer ink and make it last longer. And yes, there are strategies that you can observe so you can limit your expenses on buying ink cartridges.

How to Save Printer Ink and Make it Last Longer

  • Update your printer’s settings before printing your documents.  You can opt for setting the print quality to “Draft” or what other PCs call “Quick Print.”  You can also set the color to “Grayscale.”  Doing these settings are good for printing out documents which are not so important and this way you will just use half as much toner as the regular print.
  • To save printer toner, avoid using thick fonts and bolds.  These texts require too much ink when you print them.  Moreover, use smaller font size.  But if you want to save more, then try the Ecofont.  The Ecofont is a free Internet tool which uses twenty percent less ink or toner compared to the usual font.
  • Before printing your documents, make sure that you’ve read what you’re going to print.  Try to delete unnecessary texts and ads that will add up to the consumption of your printer ink.
  • How long does laser printer toner last, you ask.   To be sure that your laser printer ink will last longer, it is recommended that you shake the ink cartridge so that you can get the last bit of toner out of the cartridge.
  • Lastly, you can try some ink saver software like the GreenPrint.  This free Internet software is compatible with Windows and Mac.  The software scans print jobs and helps you get rid of unwanted pages to avoid potential waste of printer ink.

We hope that the tips we have given you will help you not to shell out big costs when buying on printer ink store as well as making your printer ink last longer.

Samsung SCX-4623FW Wireless Multi Function Printer

Samsung has just announced their  new Samsung SCX-4623FW, its the company’s newest multifuntion wireless printer that has high level performance and is aimed for small business and office users.

This new Samsung SCX-4623FW is so convenient to use, it has one touch button that allows the users to connect wirelessly to the network.   The printer also has the AnyWeb Print software, a simple software that enables the users to collect and to print various kinds of web contents via drag and drop feature.

Samsung SCX-4623FW Wireless Multi function printer

SCX-4623FW Wireless Multi function printer can print at the speed of 23 pages per minute.  It has sheet feeder that can hold up to 250 pages and is also enclosed, ensuring to prevent dust particles to enter.  It is Energy Star compliant and only consumes 45 Watt of power in standby mode and 10 Watt in sleep mode.  Its toner cartridges include both the standard 1.5k yield or the 2.5k yield.

As of design, the SCX-4623FW has stylish black design with round edges and compact size at (12.6″ x 16.4″ x 16.1″).

This Multi function printer is now available, priced at $250.