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How to protect yourself from identity theft

First, I would like to thank for allowing me to post such information. I have been a fan since I read their article on deleting personal Facebook messages. Falling victim to scams and having your identity stolen can be one of the worst feeling in the world, it’s like having your privacy invaded by […]

LiquidWeb – Best Super Fast Dedicated Server

Godaddy Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers at

Researchers from IBM have Created a Very Impressive and Affordable New Photovoltaic System

IBM’s researchers have invented a very impressive new photovoltaic system that is capable of producing 80% of sun’s light into useful energy. The impressive photovoltaic system uses a huge parabolic dish that focuses the sun’s rays in triple junction photovoltaic chips that only measures 1 x 1 cm. These chips are able to convert the […]

Bacteria used to store data by Chinese Researchers

Bacteria used to store data

We know how devastating the effect of having viruses on our computer is. Moreover, the disruption in our daily activities caused by different PC viruses can get us really annoyed. Though there are a lot of virus scans already available promising to end the battle of infected computers, researchers continue to look for other ways […]

Sony Demonstrates Solar Panel Windows

Are you looking for solar panels which could actually slash the cost of your electric bill by making electricity from the sunlight? If you are, then take a look at what the guys from Sony has demonstrated just this past weekend during the Eco Products 2010 held in Tokyo. Meet the Hana Mado otherwise known […]

World’s Fastest Scooter

worlds fastest scooter

At a first glance, it would seem as though it’s nothing but your usual mobility scooter which you can bring when going out to visit shops nearby, but examine closer as this mobility scooter has more than what it could offer. Colin Furze, a British plumber, must have thought it would be even better if […]


Transporting heavy equipment won’t be a challenge now as the Australian aeronautical firm Skylifter has launched a balloon that will be able to get heavy equipment in remote locations despite the absence of railways, runways, and roads.  The giant balloon is expected to carry tons of loads which can even transport the entire buildings. The […]

WowWee Roboscooper - Robot that Cleans

This cute little toy is the Roboscooper, the new robot from WowWee, makers of all sorts of cool toy robots.  The new robotic buddy resembles a hunched-over baby RoboSapien.  Also looks like the Pixar movie Wall-E but unlike Wall-E Roboscoopers has six wheels to roll on. WowWee Roboscooper is designed to help you clean and pick up small […]

Sikorsky X2 – World’s Fastest Helicopter

Sikorsky X2 Helicopter - Fastest Chopper in the World

Sikorsky X2, – the fastest helicopter in the world has recently achieved a mojor ground-testing.  First announced in year 2005 but not launched yet and still continues its trial. The Sikorsky X2 has future helicopter design. It has two rotating blades powered by LHTEC T800 turboshaft and combined with electronic controls to avoid shaking while hovering.  It also has […]

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