Google Earth 5.2 Now Shows Rain and Snow in Real Time

Google Earth is a very useful application tool to see places around the globe. Now, it got a new feature that lets the users to see the weather in real time.  You can now see the rain and snow and even the hurricanes in the latest 5.2 version of Google Earth.

This is a very useful feature when you want to know the weather in the place that you would like to visit.   You can just check out the weather using this latest version 5.2 and you would be able to see the projected images of rain and snow if you are zooming it close enough.

Google Earth 5-2 Now Shows Rain and Snow in Real Time

Sadly though, the weather feature is only limited in some area as of this time.  North America and Europe only.   But i think it wont take long before Google

In order to see the weather in realtime, just open the the Google Earth and just activate the cloud layer.  You also have to enable the radar layer if you want check out if the feature is available in one particular area.

World Cup for Robots – RoboCup 2010

It might be your first time hearing robots play soccer, but it’s not an illusion or a rumor as this event is true. And while everyone’s busy watching their favorite teams in the World Cup 2010 as it comes to the final stage, why don’t you try to save up a little grin for the RoboCup 2010?

Robot experts from all over the world gathered for a six-day event in Singapore for the RoboCup 2010. The event ended last week with the German team bagging the win. The final game was a match between the Darmstadt Dribblers and Berlin’s FUmanoids with a 7:1 triumph.


In the last year’s RoboCup in Austria, it was the two teams who played at the final game. So, apparently this year’s game was actually a rematch as the FUmanoids were hungry to win the after losing the finals.

Berlin’s FUmanoids went home trophies for the Technical Challenges leaving them not empty-handed.

Watch out for the video below and get caught on fire showing the finals of the RoboCup 2010 held in Singapore running about 9 minutes and 24 seconds. If you’d like to see more clips of these humanoids playing soccer, then you may visit BotSportTV. You can also check out updates from the two teams – the Darmstadt Dribblers and FUmanoids via Twitter.

This is kind of interesting, huh. That’s why as early as now, we’re looking forward to this event getting bigger and more exciting in the next coming years.  Watch the funny video of these robots.

[via PlasticPals]

How to Connect Wii to TV – Nintendo Wii TV Connection

how to connect nintendo wii to tv In our earlier post, we’ve discussed about “what does Wii stands for in Nintendo Wii“.  This time, we’re going to give you a tutorial on how to connect Nintendo Wii to TV to enjoy its full use. Okay, we wanted you to take full advantage of your Nintendo Wii. So, how are we going to do it?  Preferably, you can connect it to your TV or HD TV, and once you’re done setting it up, you can experience endless fun with your Nintendo Wii.

The traditional thing to do after you’ve taken everything out from your newly-bought Nintendo Wii is to plug it and play. Similar to most up to date game consoles, it is simple to connect the Wii to your TV sets.

How do you connect Nintendo Wii to your TV? Just follow the simple instructions that we’ve prepared for you:

Figure out where to place your Wii. The first thing to do is to settle on where you are going to put your Nintendo Wii. It is suggested that it must be near an electrical outlet and also near to your TV. You must also figure out whether you want your Nintendo Wii to lay flat or in a vertical position. If you’re going to lay it flat, you are now ready to connect the cables. But if you want to lay it vertically, use the Wii console stand and attach the Wii console plate to it.

Connect the Cables to Nintendo Wii. You have to make a link of the cables to the Wii. There are three Nintendo component cables that set connection to the Wii. The first one is the AC Adapter known as the power cord; the Audio/ Video (A/V) having three colored plugs on one end; and the Sensor Bar which sensors the wireless controllers to the network. Each plug has a distinct shape that is why each will fit in only one port. The power cord should be plugged into the largest of the three ports. Then, plug the Sensor Bar to the small red port. Plug the A/V cable to the last remaining port. The Sensor bar should be placed on top of your TV and should be centered in the middle so that it is in plain view of where you are going to stand while playing.

Connect the Nintendo Wii to your TV. To do so, find the A/V Cable (yellow, white and red colored). Plug the yellow colored cable to the Video Output. The White colored should be plugged to the Left Input and the red to the Right Input. The sockets are normally found on the back of the TV. However, you might also locate them either on the side or front.

Plug in your Wii. Just plug the power cord into a power strip. Press the console’s power button and a green light will appear on the power button.

Insert the batteries into the remote.Put two AA-sized batteries. Then, close the battery cover and pull the remote jacket back on.

Play with your Wii. Just turn on your TV and insert a game disc of the console. Push the start button on the control. Follow the instructions on the screen to begin playing your choice of game. After you’ve answered all the questions, you can now click the START button and you’re ready to play away!

We hope that you have found this post useful and that we have answered your concerns on how to connect Wii to TV sets. Have an endless fun playing with your Wii! ☺

How to Make a FerroFluid ? (Magnetic Liquid)

how to make a ferrofluidI have come across this somewhat freaky image while browsing the web. Though it’s pretty strange, somehow it caught my attention and wondered what this one is and how I can make it using the materials I have in my house. Well, guys I am talking about a ferrofluid.  Perhaps, you, too, are going to be interested in this one.

What is Ferrofluid ?

Ferrofluid or liquid magnet is a colloidal mixture containing extremely tiny pieces of magnetic substance. Ferrofluids are made of nanoscale magnetic particles usually 10 nanometers or less in diameter of some compound of iron, magnetite, and cobalt. This becomes strongly polarized in the presence of magnetic field.

Before we break down how to make a ferrofluid, let’s a watch a Youtube video first to basically see what this stuff looks like:

Probably, your next question is about the applications of this liquid magnet . Apparently, apart from looking at it as a cool toy, ferrofluids have a lot of functions. Say for instance, this thing is used in military as radar absorbent material paint. In medicine, it can be used as contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and can also be used to detect cancer. Ferrofluids can also be used to form liquid seals around the spinning drive shafts in hard drives preventing debris from entering the hard disks. Another thing is that some people use it as a form of art to entertain guests in gatherings like what Sachiko Kodama did. Great, right?!?

Okay, so I already said a lot about these ferrofluids. Usually they are very complicated to make and very expensive when you buy it.  But we are going to show you how you can make a simple ferrofluid using some of your household items easily, more affordably, and quickly. Here’s how to make a ferrofluid.   There are three options in making FerroFluid:

Option 1:  Magnetic Ink Developer to make a FerroFluid

The easiest and popular way to make this magnetic fluid is perhaps by using the magnetic ink developer (MICR Toner).  or laser jet toner.  All you have to do is to mix toner into oil, 1:1 ratio works. Then mix it well, a spoon on a power drill works well and saves time.  Voila!! Done.  Now you have your finished product:  The Ferro-Liquid.  Have Fun with Ferro.

Option 2:  Audio Cassettes to make a FerroFluid

Another way of making magnetic fluid is by using audio cassette tapes. We will  not use the tape itself but we only need iron particles or the ferric oxide powder attached on plastic tape. We need this magnetic particles as  the magnetite for our solution.

To separate the Ferric oxide from the plastic tapes, we have to use Acetone.  This chemical will melt the plastic tapes thus helping to  separate the Ferric Oxide from the tapes.  All you have to do is to find a big bowl then fill it with acetone and then put all the tapes and leave it for few hours. Next step is to collect the ferric oxide using strong magnet rolled with paper. After you’ve collected the ferric oxide mix this with cooking oil (3:1). Mix it well.  Voila!! you’ve just made yourself a ferro-liquid.

Option 3:  Ferric Chloride & Steel Wool to Make Ferro-Liquid

The last option is by using ferric cloride.  This chemical  is  used in electronics for making Printed Circuit Board (PCB), to separate the copper from the board.  Prepare these equipments: 2 Beakers, plastic syringe and coffee filters.


  • Distilled water
  • Steel wool
  • Ferric Chloride
  • Kerosene
  • Household Ammonia
  • Oleic Acid


  1. Mix Ferric chloride with water (25mL Ferric Chloride / 25mL Water)
  2. Add a small piece of steel wool then stir it and wait until it has turned into bright green.  This bright green chemical is called Ferrous Chloride or FeC12 .
  3. Filter it to get rid of the steel wool and other dirt, you may use coffee filter as strainer.
  4. Now we have to add 40 ml of ferric chloride to the Green Ferrous Chloride that you’ve just filtered.  THe ratio of FeCl3 AND FeCl2 should be 1:1.
  5. Stir the solution and while stirring, slowly add 400ML of Ammonia.
  6. Heat the solution to near boiling.  When it starts to steam stir the solution and
  7. while stirring add small amount oleic acid at a time.  you’ll need a total of  about 10ml of oleic acid added.  Continue to heat near boiling until the smell of ammonia disappears.
  8. Let the solution to cool completely then add 200ML of kerosene and stir it well.
  9. When it settles, you will see 2 layers, the black layer on the top is the magnetite particles (FerroFluid) and the other layer is the remaining water and kerosine.  Pour off the Ferrofluid layer on the top and discard the other layer. Voila!! We now have our finished product. The Ferrofluid.

Have Fun with Ferro “The Magnetic Fluid”, Using Strong Magnet (neodymium)

Finally, you have your solution. To see it now, magnetize your liquid by using rare earth magnets. Try to be resourceful. You can use the magnets that you can find in your speakers or the most suggested is to use neodymium magnets. Remember, a strong magnet will help you notice a better effect.

Okay, that’s how easy to make a ferro-fluid.  Pretty cool, isn’t it?  -:)

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Anti-Rape Device: Rape-Axe Condom

It is still saddening to know that up to this day a lot of women still become victims to sick perverts who are so obsessed with sex.  We never can tell until when we are going to face the issue of rape, afterall it has been a forgotten issue especially in some regions where high rates of rape are experienced.

A couple of anti-rape devices have been invented for the intention of putting a stop to rape. There were the female chastity belts in the fifteenth century.  But because of the growing concerns against rape, Sonnet Ehlers, a South African woman who works as a blood technician, come up with the modern day innovation named as the Rape-aXe condom.

Anti-rape Device  - Rape-Axe Female Condom

This anti-rape condom has latex sheath implanted with  sharp razor blades that a woman wears in her vagina- like that of a tampon. If an attacker attempts an entry to female’s private part, his pén¡š would enter the condom and will be gripped by the sharp barbs. This will give the offender an agonizing feeling of pain during withdrawal and at the same time allowing the rape victim to escape. The Rape-aXe condom can only be removed through surgery preventing him from raping or doing anything else with his pén¡š, thus alerting the hospital and police which may lead to his arrest.

The rape-aXe condom doesn’t do any harm or pain on the woman’s body. Sonnet Ehlers also highlighted that these anti-rape condoms don’t draw blood hence preventing transmission of HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases.  This is also a good prevention against pregnancy.

Though this anti-rape device has been unleashed in 2005, there is still a lot of confusion as to whether it’s already for sale and where one can avail it.

What is the Difference Between MP3 and MP4 format

What is an MP3 ?

The first among a lot of many audio formats is the MP3 file format. The commonly referred to MP3 stands for MPEG1 Audio Layer III which has a file extension of “.mp3”. MP3 is a popular standard technology compression format used for audio files taking up less space on your computers and other portable devices. Compressing your files is a method to preserve quality audio into small files. A lot of MP3 files are available for downloading music over the Internet.

When creating an MP3 file, you need to use a program which is the ripper and another program which is called an encoder. These programs will let you get a selection from your CD into your hard disk drive and convert them to an MP3 file. A bit rate is also set whenever you create an MP3 file but there can be an evident dissimilarity with the quality of the sound produced by MP3s of different bit rates.

what is the difference between mp3 and mp4 format

What is an MP4 ?

MP4 refers to MPEG-4 (Moving Picture Experts Group). This is identified with the file name suffix of “.mp4”. MPEG4 is frequently used to store media types defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group or the International Organization for Standardization.  The MP4 file format is used to compress video files.

The MP4 technology has been developed to offer DVD quality audio and images in relatively small file size which is perfect for playing on your MP4 players such as the iPod Video.

You have to remember though that MP4 doesn’t only refer to video content because it can also pertain to an audio file- hence it’s specially developed for multimedia.


What is the Difference Between MP3 and MP4 format ?

Let’s now try to break down and put it simply what the differences of the MP3 and MP4 are:

  1. The most basic and yet the obvious difference of course is their file extension names. MP3 comes in an .mp3 file extension while MP4 is .mp4.
  2. Though both are capable of file compression, MP3 handles audio content while MP4 handles multimedia content-including audio, images, and video in one single file.
  3. Despite the higher quality of AAC Codec, “.mp4” isn’t still as commonly used in PC and hardware players though being pretty used as an option to “.mp3” on an Apple iPod and in iTunes.

So there you go guys! As far as the essential information is concerned, those are the differences between an MP3 and MP4. The thing is that both these formats have increased our convenience to enjoy audio and video through the Internet.

What does ”Wii” Stand for in Nintendo Wii Console?

what does wii stand for in nintendo wii consoleThe Wii is a home video gaming console distributed by Nintendo which captured the interests of a lot of video gamers all over the world especially that it represents new games like the Super Smash Brothers and a new racing game called Mario Kart Wii published for this new video console. Nintendo has surely taken the concept of gaming to a higher approach as this one is even competing with the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.  The gaming console is now the leading among the two others in the worldwide sales as of April 2010.

What does ”wii” Stand for in Nintendo Wii Console?

A lot of people have been wondering about its name. A lot has been asking why the this gaming console has been named that way. I’m sure you do, too! Hence, what does the “wii” really stand for? Some concluded that it was named after the expression “whee” that sets a feeling of excitement or joy.  Many speculated it could mean nothing at all. So here’s the fact:

The spelling of Nintendo Wii, as you noticed, has two lower cases “i“characters relating to appear like two people standing side by side.  Even the company has given so many reasons why they have come up to such oddly named console and according to them it is because:

Wii sounds like ‘we’, which emphasizes that the console is for everyone. Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii.” (

Ah! So, that’s how it is, huh! Sounds good, right?!? I guess people wouldn’t speculate much anymore about the origin of its name.

Google’s Experimental Fiber Network – 100x Faster Broadband

Google recently announced their Experimental fiber network.  This is their experiment to accelerate the broadband speed up to 1 gigabit per second.  That is 100 times faster than the current average speed of US broadband.  This experiment will use fiber-to-the-home connections.  Imagine downloading a full length movie in less than 5 minutes or streaming 3-D medical imaging over the web.  These are possible With this ultra high-speed Internet.

Google Ultra High-Speed Internet Access

Google is now planning to test this high speed broadband in a small number of trial locations across the US.

Google’s Ultra High-Speed Internet Access Experiment Video :

Free Energy Home Generator

Would you like to have free energy home generator that produces 100% Free electricity for your Home. Sound impossible but it’s true. This Free Energy Zero Point Home Magnetic Generator is powerful enough to run all your appliances in your house and totally runs by itself without any outside energy sources.

According to inventor, this is a top secret that government didn’t open to the public. Of course, if the public knows about the magnet motor free energy then everyone will just build this free energy home generator and that only means loss of income to power company and also to government. Watch and find out why free energy devices are banned for public usage in the youtube video below:

The zero point magnetic generator uses magnetic force to generate electricity then recycle the power so it runs without stopping, that means non-stop supply of free electricity for your house.

It works something like this:

Free Energy Zero Point Home Magnetic Generator

If you think that its impossible, then watch the video below. John Christie & Lou Brits have a device that generate electricity in the youtube video below .

John Christie free energy home generator generates 24 Kilowatt of energy using only the battery to kick start the motor. They worked with this motor for about 6 years and planning to sell this technology in the future for about $5000.

The inventor has created an easy-to-follow guide that will show you how to create Free Energy Home Generator. They simplified the motor and can be built using cheap materials which only cost about $100.

You can reduce your power bill by up to 50% or even completely using the magniwork free home energy generator. Visit the official website.

Internet Slows Down After Earthquake in Japan

Cable Network 2  APCN2 was damaged by earthqueake in japan causing internet slow down in other countriesInternet speed has slow down these past few days and i read from one article that it was caused by earthquake in Japan. I have 5 mpbs connection and now when i am measuring at, i can only measure about 250 kbps download speed. Just ahead faster than dial-up connection. I can’t open some other sites, i think it has to do with DNS routing.

According from the report of ComputerWorld, Philippines is one of the affected countries

At about 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday, local time, an alarm signaled a cable fault on Segment 7 of APCN2, which connects Hong Kong and Shantou, China. The disruption caused a temporary loss of service on the undersea link but all customers that use the cable were soon shifted to capacity on other cables, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The APCN2 cable is owned by a consortium of 26 telecom operators from 14 different countries. The cable links Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Japan.

PLDT seems to be the most heavily affected ISP. Other ISP such Globe Bayantel, etc may also experiencing slow down in internet connection.