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Google Earth 5-2 Now Shows Rain and Snow in Real Time

Google Earth is a very useful application tool to see places around the globe. Now, it got a new feature that lets the users to see the weather in real time.  You can now see the rain and snow and even the hurricanes in the latest 5.2 version of Google Earth. This is a very useful […]

World Cup for Robots – RoboCup 2010


It might be your first time hearing robots play soccer, but it’s not an illusion or a rumor as this event is true. And while everyone’s busy watching their favorite teams in the World Cup 2010 as it comes to the final stage, why don’t you try to save up a little grin for the […]

How to Connect Wii to TV - Nintendo Wii TV Connection

In our earlier post, we’ve discussed about “what does Wii stands for in Nintendo Wii“.  This time, we’re going to give you a tutorial on how to connect Nintendo Wii to TV to enjoy its full use. Okay, we wanted you to take full advantage of your Nintendo Wii. So, how are we going to […]

How to Make a FerroFluid ? (Magnetic Liquid)

how to make a ferrofluid

I have come across this somewhat freaky image while browsing the web. Though it’s pretty strange, somehow it caught my attention and wondered what this one is and how I can make it using the materials I have in my house. Well, guys I am talking about a ferrofluid.  Perhaps, you, too, are going to […]

Anti-Rape Device: Rape-Axe Condom

Anti-rape Device - Rape-Axe Female Condom

It is still saddening to know that up to this day a lot of women still become victims to sick perverts who are so obsessed with sex.  We never can tell until when we are going to face the issue of rape, afterall it has been a forgotten issue especially in some regions where high […]

What is the Difference Between MP3 and MP4 format

what is the difference between mp3 and mp4 format

What is an MP3 ? The first among a lot of many audio formats is the MP3 file format. The commonly referred to MP3 stands for MPEG1 Audio Layer III which has a file extension of “.mp3”. MP3 is a popular standard technology compression format used for audio files taking up less space on your […]

what does wii stand for

The Wii is a home video gaming console distributed by Nintendo which captured the interests of a lot of video gamers all over the world especially that it represents new games like the Super Smash Brothers and a new racing game called Mario Kart Wii published for this new video console. Nintendo has surely taken […]

Google Ultra High-Speed Internet Access

Google recently announced their Experimental fiber network.  This is their experiment to accelerate the broadband speed up to 1 gigabit per second.  That is 100 times faster than the current average speed of US broadband.  This experiment will use fiber-to-the-home connections.  Imagine downloading a full length movie in less than 5 minutes or streaming 3-D […]

Free Energy Home Generator

Would you like to have free energy home generator that produces 100% Free electricity for your Home. Sound impossible but it’s true. This Free Energy Zero Point Home Magnetic Generator is powerful enough to run all your appliances in your house and totally runs by itself without any outside energy sources. According to inventor, this […]

Internet Slows Down After Earthquake in Japan

Internet speed has slow down these past few days and i read from one article that it was caused by earthquake in Japan. I have 5 mpbs connection and now when i am measuring at, i can only measure about 250 kbps download speed. Just ahead faster than dial-up connection. I can’t open some […]

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