Acer’s New Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator

New gaming desktop from Acer – the new Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator is the improved version of the giant gaming PC G7710-A41 that was launched last year having flashy orange & black colored chassis. Now, the latest version – the Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator has some interesting new specs.  From 3.06GHz Core i7-950, it is now updated to a more powerful 3.20Ghz Core i7-960.  Graphics  card is also upgraded in the new Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator, from GeForce GTS 250 graphics card to GeForce GTX 260. You can install lots of games with this Gaming Desktop PC because it has 1 Terabyte SATA storage and no problem even if you run all of your games simultaneously because this Predator has 6 Gigabyte DDR3 Memory.

ACER Aspire G-7750 Predator - a new improved version of the giant gaming PC

As of chassis, Acer removed the bright orange from its predecessor, now the new Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator has mostly black casing.

The new version Acer’s gaming desktop weighs about 20.7 Kilogram, Dimension: 190 (W) x 490 (D) x 430 (H) mm.

Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator will ship in late February in Japan at a price of 289,000 yen. That’s about $3,170.

4 thoughts on “Acer’s New Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator”

  1. Im looking for a gaming PC, The 6 gigabyte DDR3 memory and 1 Terabyte memory is pretty impressive, I think i like this one. Does it also has blue ray disc drive? -:)

  2. Yes, it also has blueray disc drive. If you really are a gamer type and looking for speed then this is definitely a must have desktop PC. Just make sure you have $3,170 in your bank account before making a purchase though. 😆

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