It looks as though we have found an alternative to the new Mac Mini. It’s none other than the Shuttle x350 Mini PC. This mini-PC introduced by Shuttle packs the same slim and near the heap features in the netbook market.

The Shuttle x350 Mini PC is said to set a new standard for slim  PCs with its powerful performance. “Now, with the X350, we are upping the ante.  It’s about half an inch shorter, quite a bit smaller than a sheet of paper, and really pushes the features and performance limits of what you can do with a PC that’s as small and slim as this.”  That said; let’s get into the features and specs of this brand new member to the X series.

This ultra-slim mini Desktop PC is literally a space-saver as it measures just one-third of the previous slim PC from the previous X Series. Also, the Shuttle x350 mini PC is just 1.5-inches at its thinnest point.  What’s more is that this slim computer doesn’t have any cooling fans. Overall, the perfectly engineered internal layout of the Shuttle x350 mini PC boasts a low energy in electricity consumption, dust-free, and quiet as it requires no fan.

Shuttle X350 mini PC with dual-core Atom D510

Shuttle x350 Mini PC Specs

  • Dual-core Intel Atom D510 processor
  • NVIDIA ION 2 graphics cards
  • Optical drive
  • Optional 1080p HDMI port
  • built-in DVD playback

The company has not disclosed anything yet about the Shuttle x350 Mini Desktop PC’s release date.  So, as of the moment, we only have to sit back and wait for some further details, specifically in terms of what price it costs.


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