HP V5020u Pocket Digital Camcorder

Entering the HD digital camcorder market is the Hewlett – Packard Company or otherwise known as HP with the release of V5020u pocket digital camcorder. The portable video camera packs a full 1080p HD movie capture alongside the electronic image stabilization technology through a built-in gyroscopic sensor which prevents blurring of images caused once the camcorder is moved.

HP V5020u Digital CamcorderAs for the other specs and features, the HP V5020u pocket digital camcorder offers a 10x digital zoom lens and is capable of recording videos at H.264 format.  The portable camcorder gets a 2-inch LCD screen and a 5 megapixel sensor, a support for an SDHC memory card slot which can be enhanced up to 32GB, and a motion detection feature.  In addition, it can be hooked on an HDTV and it’s all because of the included HDMI port.

Also, the absolutely small-sized HP V5020u digicam comes equipped with an HDMI cable, a wrist strap, and a pouch upon purchase. This cam that is touted to be yet another Flip competitor is expected to have its release date in October 2010 at a price of $159. Hp is quite new in the camcorder industry. However, if you’re looking for a camcorder which could perfectly fit in your pockets, then maybe you can consider this one.

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