If you are looking for the best Micro Four Thirds (MFT) digital cameras in the market, then behold as Panasonic has rolled out their AG AF100 camcorder which takes another leap higher among the digital cameras which utilizes the MFT lenses, filters, and adapters thus achieving better image recording.  Targeted towards the mobile professionals and in case you’ve already forgotten what the Panasonic AG AF100 Micro Four Thirds camcorder has to offer, we’ll give you a quick run down of its fairly high end specs and features.

Panasonic AG AF100 Micro Four Thirds camcorder

The digital camcorder which was introduced in April of this year offers a 1080p video recording in an AVCHD format.  A variety of frame rates are also available including 60p and 30p.  Moreover, the camcorder offers support for similar lenses, filters, and other accessories which can be attached to the device.  The AG AF100 is also Dolby AC3 enabled which allows you to experience improved audio recordings with a microphone attached through the XLR. Battery wise, it promises up to 4 hours of battery life via single charge.  Yes, the company has finally stated that the Panasonic AG AF100 Micro four Thirds camcorder is already available for shipping at a price of $4,995. Though $5000 may not be that cheap, I guess this one’s just perfect for professional use. What do you think?


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