Samsung PL90 Digital Camera includes Built-in USB Connector

With the recently announced Samsung PL90 Digital Camera, you don’t have to bring annoying USB Cable around with you now because this point-and-shoot camera already features a built-in pop-out USB connector and it can be connected to your PC without the need of any additional cable. When connected to your computer, the device automatically install the intelli-studio, a software that allows the users to view camera’s data.  The pop-out USB connector not only allows you to share the data but can be used also to charged the digicam’s battery as well without using separate power cord.

Samsung PL90 Digital Camera with Built-in USB Connector

Specs of Samsung PL90 point-and-shot digicam includes a 12-Megapixel Camera, 4x optical zoom, and 2.7-inch 230k pixel LCD.  It is capable of recording video at 640×480 resolution at 15 frames per second.  Also features Smart Auto Mode that ensures the best result possible by assessing the type of photo you’re taking and then automatically optimises the cam, face detection, Obhective tracking AF, and red-eye fix.

The Samsung PL90 only measures 3.9 x 2.2 x by 0.7 thick.  Release date will be by September for affordable price of $129.99.

photos Samsung PL90 USB Connector close-up Samsung PL90 12MP Cam - Front Samsung PL90 LCD-Screen

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