Sony Handicam DCR-SX15E, DCR-SR15E, and Bloggie Touch Camcorders

Still hot from the IFA 2010, Sony has launched yet another set of mid-range camcorders designed specifically for the consumer-level market.  They are the Handicam DCR-SX15E and DCR-SR15E and the Bloggie Touch.

Sony Bloggie Touch Camcorder

Wrapping off the trio handycam is the Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20K.  The sleek and very stylish mobile video camera comes with a 3-inch touchscreen panel. It’s also packed with specs and features including Bloggie software and a built-in USB letting consumers share and blog their moments on their favorite social networking sites while on the go.  The Bloggie Touch snaps a 12.8 megapixel CMOS sensor stills and can record a 360-degree panoramic videos and images by clipping on the lens adaptor.  The camcorder also features free-style shooting allowing you to take videos in either landscape pr portrait mode.  The Bloggie Touch camcorder allows you to experience 4 hours HD videos with its 8GB onboard memory.  Available in pink, black, and silver, watch out for its release date on November 2010 at an undisclosed price yet.

Sony Handicam DCR-SX15E - DCR-SR15E and Bloggie Touch Camcorders

Sony Handicam DCR-SX15E and DCR-SR15E

Next up are the Sony DCR-SX15E and DCR-SR15E camcorders.  Specs and features include a 2.7-inch LCD with a 50x optical zoom. It also has SteadyShot Face Detection. Dubbed as “light, compact, and easy to use”, these handy cameras allow you to shoot clear and crisp videos and stereo sound onto a removable flash memory.

The Handicam DCR-SR15E can store up to 61 hours of Standard Definition videos with its 80GB built in memory while the DCR-SX15E lacks internal memory, but can allow you to store videos on either memory stick or microSD memory card slot.

Once you’re done shooting, the Direct Copy feature will allow you to transfer videos to an external HDD, all without a need of a PC. Great, huh?

The Sony DCR-SX15E and DCR-SR15E Camcorders will be available in October 2010 at a price which is to be announced yet.

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