Cherry Mobile Eclipse: Cheapest WiMo Phone

The Cherry Mobile Eclipse is the cheapest WiMo smarthphone recently announced in a press gathering by Microsoft.  This latest handset is powered by 416 MTK processor and runs on Windows Mobile platform.  Cherry Mobile Eclipse features touchscreen display, Wifi, GPS and it also has Dual Sim feature.  The only thing you wouldn’t want in Cherry Mobile Eclipse is its connectivity because this cheap handset lacks 3G.  But, as stated, this  smartphone is so cheap – only priced at Php9,999 ($217).

cherry mobile eclipse smartphone

No words about the availability of Cherry Mobile Eclipse but maybe available in the first quarter of this year.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Eclipse: Cheapest WiMo Phone”

  1. I’m having a bit of a predicament . I want to buy myself a good cell and cannot decide on which phone to pick. First of all, i thought of the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD 8GB. My buddy has one. It appears quite tough, and all seemed alright, but i began looking at other phones. Now my biggest problem is deciding between the Nokia X3 and the Samsung i900 Omnia. Any advice is welcome.

  2. it all depends on which OS you prefer to use. symbian and windows are quite different from each other in terms of available apps and functions. if you prefer to use a more popular OS with many apps, go for symbian (X3). i’m using samsung omnia 2 (i8000) because there are apps for windows that are not available on symbian, such as office 2010 and uzard web p (a browser with full flash support).

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