Dell Venue Android 2.2 Smartphone for Korean Market

Widening its market in the Phone world, we have Dell with its Venue Android 2.2 smartphone which is actually a version of the Windows 7 device – the Dell Venue Pro. Unfortunately, the Android based mobile phone will only cater to the South Korean market via the Korean mobile network carrier, KT. The Dell Venue Android 2.2 smartphone is anticipated to launch just before the year 2010 ends.  However, we still have to wait for further details whether the device has started selling yet.

Dell Venue Android 2.2 Smartphone

Meanwhile, let’s take a review of the Dell Venue Android 2.2 phone.  First up, included in the specs and features is the 4.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen display which sports a curved Gorilla Glass.  It is completed with support for GSM/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA.  The exact specification details of the handset is yet known, but what sets it apart from the Dell Venue Pro Windows 7 handset is that this one doesn’t get a slide – out QWERTY keyboard.  Meaning to say, text input will rely solely on the device’s touchscreen.

The Dell Venue Android 2.2 smartphon eis expected to ship at a price of 700,000 won or roughly about $608.  Interested consumers outside the region may still have to sit back for a while waiting for other details regarding its release date in the US or Europe.

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