iphone maintenanceI was late in jumping on the iPhone band wagon but when I did it was one of the best decisions of my life! The iPhone is just awesome! You can do everything from check the stock market and email to surfing the web to playing a game to making day to day lists…well you get the picture, you can do A LOT! Let’s go back for just a minute to when I first got it.  Like other devices that use an internal battery I assumed you needed to let the battery die before the first charge but not knowing a lot about the iPhone I asked someone at the AT&T store. They then proceeded to tell me “Nope, just charge it whenever you want!” Well, long story short that is what I did and it was a big mistake!

Tip #1: Charging Technique for your iPhone

Whatever you do, when you first get your iPhone, let it die before the first charge, it will help your battery last longer as well as charge better as well. Also, after I started doing that I noticed an improvement so I stopped.  About a month went by until I noticed a decline in my battery life again. Instead of taking it in or shipping it back I simply let it die again and charge it from zero and once again my battery was going strong.  I recommend about once a week and at least once every two weeks to let your iPhone go completely dead and then charge it to 100% with no interruptions.  Trust me; you will see an improvement on your battery life.

Tip #2: Easy Fix for Glitches

Like a lot of iPhones, mine started having small things go wrong with it while I was operating it. Once again, instead of taking it in to the store or sending it back I got on iTunes and plugged my iPhone in. It synced and when it was done I noticed a button on the iPhone screen that read (BLANK). When I pushed it a dialogue box popped up asking me if I wanted to continue with the restoration and when I clicked yes the magic happened. Ok, so the magic took a while to happen but when it was said and done, my iPhone was glitch free and still is to this day, many months later.

Tip #3: Freezing iPhone

This has happened to me on a number of occasions and I finally figured out what to do. When running different applications, my iPhone has completely frozen up to where I can’t exit out of a screen or anything.  When this happens simultaneously hold down the home and power button at the top of your iPhone for around 5-15 seconds or until your phone turns off.  When it restarts you problem should be gone.  If this doesn’t work than don’t touch your iPhone, set it somewhere where it won’t move and let it turn off by itself and when you hit either the home button or the power button at the top, the home screen will appear and your issue should be solved. If neither of these work than you will have to plug it in to your computer to fix the problem.

Tip #4: Case Options

This is a little along the lines of common sense but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. BUY A CASE! I know there are crazy military bullet proof (I don’t think they are bullet proof) cases out there that are the size of a hummer that protect your iPhone from EVERYTHING, but if you don’t want to pay that price or have something that bulky there are better options. Cases made by Griffin offer great protection (I should know, I’ve dropped my phone from about 5 feet up onto concrete and it didn’t crack or anything thanks to the case) without the big price tag or the big size.

Michael Blumreich is a contributor for the aptly named notebook review site, LaptopReviews.com. He’s currently a university student and lover of all things tech.


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