Checking Email on iPhoneWith this heap of electronics running rampant, nowadays we may not need to use a computer to check your emails as you can do it now via your own mobile phone. Yes, you can do it just like in your iPhone.  The iPhone has a function to send and receive email besides the traditional text messaging.  The iPhone is compatible with an array of e-mail programs that we typically use and to most industry-standard IMAP or POP3 Email. You can do so by setting-up your e-mail account so you can sync your PC to your iPhone or you can also configure a new email account which you can use exclusively with your phone or your iPod touch.

How to Set Up a New Account to Check E-mail on the iPhone

  1. Tap the MAIL option on the iPhone.  The Mail button has the envelope icon.
  2. Choose the type of email address you want to add. You will be provided with a list of service providers.  You can take a look at your user manual to find out who provides E-mail services to the iPhone at the moment.
  3. Fill in the account information which includes your name, the Email address that you want and your password.
  4. Tap the server type if you are prompted for this information. Contact your service provider if you don’t know the server type asked.

Checking and Reading Your Email on Your iPhone

  1. Tap the word MAIL to go the the E-mail function of the iPhone.  The Mail icon will show you the number of unread messages or new mail messages.
  2. Choose a specific mailbox to see the messages.   A blue dot is present next to any unread Email.
  3. To read a message, tap each email message.  Then tap ↓ and ↑ to move to previous and next messages.
  4. To delete an E-mail, tap it open.  Then, tap on the trash can icon after opening the message.  You can also swipe your finger on the message and touch the DELETE command button that appears.
  5. To check for an incoming email, touch the REFRESH button.
  6. To open an attached file, downloading them to the iPhone.  Tapping downloads the attachment and opens it as long as it is an approved format file.  The iPhone supports an array of file types, though not all.
  7. To move E-mail to folders to organize your inbox better, just open a specific  email, tap the folder icon and choose the mailbox where you want the message to be stored.
  8. To turn Push ON/ off, go to Settings, then choose “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”, select Fetch New Data, then turn Push on or off. The Push On/Off function enables or disables new incoming messages appearing in iPhone Mail the moment you receive them.

That is how to check E-mail on the iPhone.  Did this article help you?


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