How to Download Music to Cell Phone

Recently, with the smartphones becoming widely available as well as a lot of music applications that can be installed into them, it’s becoming portable to leave your MP3 players at home, yet you’ll still be able to tune it to your favorite music or watch your loved music video.

How to Download Music to Cell Phone

Our cellphones have transformed into devices such as acting like an MP3 player together with a lot of things that you could only do with your computer years ago.  As a music device, it helps us dish out our favorite melodies by just organizing them. But to do that of course, we have to download music to the cellphone first.   How to download MP3 to cell phone? Read on.

How to Download MP3 to Cell Phone

There are a number of ways on how to download MP3 to cell phone and doing this is pretty easy.  To start off, you have to determine first that your handset is capable of storing music files.

Here are some ways to download MP3 to cellphone:

From Computer to Cellphone

MP3 files which been downloaded from LimeWire or other resources to a computer can be simply dragged and dropped (copied and pasted) to your phone.  If the phone has a USB connector or a memory card reader, the MP3 can be downloaded from there.  If you’re using a Nokia phone, you may also want to insert the CD and begin software installation to be able to use the Nokia PC Suite to begin downloading MP3 to cellphone.

Wireless Web

This method is just like using the Internet and downloading MP3.  Most phones nowadays are capable of wireless surfing that’s why this can also be an option on how to download MP3 to cellphone.  Using your handset, just search for a music site, an example is TuneRoom.  This music search engine Internet tool allows you to look for music online and download free songs to your mobile phone.  It helps you download MP3 as much as you like. Remember, some songs are free however; standard rates apply for using wireless web.

Via Bluetooth

To download MP3 to a phone, you can also utilize Bluetooth connection either from a home computer or to another mobile phone.  Just turn the Bluetooth on to establish connection and then verify to wirelessly transfer the music files.

Portable music revolution just keeps on getting easier through the use of devices including your mobile phones. This is how to download music to cellp hone and we hope you found this informative.

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