Using itunes to Make Free Custom Ringtone for iPhone 3GOkay, so you have just purchased an iPhone and you’ve become addicted to it.  You love the phone’s features and stuff.  You love the amazing iTunes app store for iPhone. But you wish that you don’t have to pay twice for your favorite song to be your ringtone.  Besides you have a lot of songs stored in your music library.  So you ask yourself how to make ringtones for iPhone.  Is there a way to create ringtones from out of your non-DRM songs in your iTunes library?

We are all aware that Apple  is pretty tight over the iPhone tunes that you purchase from them.  They charge you when you create ringtones for the iPhone even if you bought them legally via iTunes.  The worse is a lot of people pay for the ringtone just to  have  ringtones for their precious phone.

Actually, you can make ringtones for iPhone for free using iTunes. You can do this easily and all you need is some patience and perseverance.  How to make ringtones for iPhone is definitely what we’re going to show you in this post.  This works on both Windows and Mac.  So read on.

Using iTunes to Make Free Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone 3G

  1. To begin creating your very own iPhone ringtone, open iTunes and choose the song that you love to convert to ringtone.
  2. Right click on the song and select “Get Info“.  Then, click the  “Options” tab and then select a “Start Time” and “Stop Time” check boxes.  Make sure that the “stop-time” has to be 30 seconds or less.  Click “OK” when you’re finished.
  3. Right click on the newly clipped song and choose “Convert Selection to AAC” or go to Edit –> Preferences –> Import Settings.  Be sure to set the “AAC Encoder settings”.
  4. Now, locate your song from your iTunes music folder and select the created 30 second AAC version.  You can simply drag it to your desktop or Copy and paste the song using your shortcut keys.  Go back to iTunes after the song is on your desktop. Delete the clipped version from your iTunes library.
  5. Right click on the song from your desktop and choose “Properties”. Change the extension name from .m4a to .m4r .
  6. Double click on the file so you can add it to your iTunes library after changing the extension name.  With your iPhone connected to your PC, now you can sync your ringtones.

And you’re done! That’s how to make ringtones for iPhone 3G for free .  Such simple steps, right?  Now you can start using your newly created ringtone and assign the ringtone to your friends.


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