How to Prevent Cellphone TappingWith your cell phone, you’re able to get connected to the world, but did you know that you can also be a subject for surveillance with this thing that lets you keep in touch with your loved ones?  It can happen without you feeling that there is something wrong going on.

With the rise of mobile technology, eavesdropping has become easier.  It’s not just a matter of simple wireless tapping, but it’s more a software installed on your mobile phone and that’s it, someone can actually listen, and record your conversations. Remember the post we’ve written on how to spy on a cell phone using mobile spy software? It can be very worrisome, right?

So how do we go about preventing cell phone tapping?  Well we’ve prepared something for you to know how to prevent cellphone tapping so just read on.

Cellphone Tapping Signs

Before we go about how to prevent cellphone tapping, one should know first what some of the common cellphone tapping signs are.  Detect whether your cellphone is being tapped. See the signs below:

  • You hear strange noises or clicking sounds when you’re talking on the handset.
  • You experience having trouble turning it off or it stays lit up.
  • Your cell phone suddenly lights up without doing much on it like making  calls.
  • Your cellphone reduces battery charge than its usual battery life or unusually warm without doing much on your handset.

How to Prevent Cellphone Tapping

Now that you know what some of the cellphone tapping signs are, it’s time to learn how to protect your handsets and how to get rid of cellphone tapping.

  1. Bring your handset to your mobile phone provider and have them restore the factory settings and disable all the hidden software installed on your handset. Change your SIM cards and remove unnecessary contacts from your cell phone. Better yet, purchase a new cellphone with a new provider.
  2. Keep a close guard on your handset. Set a password for your mobile phone. Do not let anyone have access on your phone as setting up cellphone tapping can be done in less than two minutes.
  3. Disable and never accept any Bluetooth connections from untrusted parties unless you know who they are.
  4. Remove the battery when you are not using your handset. Doing this will prevent some of the spywares from operating as it doesn’t have a power source.
  5. Have good bug detector software to eliminate your handset from being monitored.
  6. Use the public phone or another mobile handset if you want to share confidential information with other people.

Reduce the instances of being cellphone tapped. Consider the tips on how to prevent cellphone tapping and you’ll be freed from worrying that someone is actually spying on your every activity with your mobile handset.


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