how to spy on a cell phone with mobile spyGadgets have been making their way into our lives. Everyday, more and more gadgets have been transforming themselves to wonderful and helpful tools with the help of new technologies.  Along with the usual things that we use is different software that we can merely install onto our gadgets like cell phones.

Say, you are a parent who wanted to look after what your kids are up to with their cell phones, or you have a partner and you wanted to know if he/she is cheating you.  Maybe you just wanted to spy on someone (oops, be careful as you might have invasion of privacy problems for this reason).  Well, there exist a couple of cellphone spy wares to help us keep track of someone’s cellphone activities.  How to spy on a cell phone?  Parents, if you don’t have any idea what your children are up to these days and you wanted to keep them safe then take a look at this elite spy software that will help you do so – the Mobile Spy.

How to Spy on a Cellphone using Mobile Spy

Consumers, especially parents, can make use of the MobileSpy software as a cell phone monitor to let them know who their kids are communicating with most of the times. You can simply install this Mobile Spyware to compatible handsets such as your iPhones, Blackberry, and Android phones in order to monitor and record activities.

This elite spyware takes history of all voice and text conversations made by the target phone.  The logs and activities are then quickly uploaded into your MobileSpy account.  To view the activities made, you have to log in to Mobile Spy’s website and there you will see the logs sorted and displayed in each category.

The target cell phone user may delete the activities made on their handset, but since Mobile Spy does not rely on the handset’s logs, calls and text messages made will still be retained and uploaded on the website.

Take a look at the screenshots of the Cellphone Spyware SMS logs.  The logs show all messages sent and received by the target handset.  (Click on image to enlarge).

Mobile Spy record date/time of call, text message, gps location , etc

The MobileSpy software can be bought online depending on consumer’s subscription preference.  Prices start at $49.97.  To learn more please visit the official site.


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