How to Update Facebook with your Cell PhoneIf you don’t have an Internet connection, but you wanted to stay on the go and update your Facebook page then you’ve come to the right post as we’ll help you learn ways on how to update Facebook with your cellphone. Read on:

Ways on how to update Facebook with your cellphone

  • Activate Facebook Mobile: By this, you need to register your mobile number with Facebook. In your Facebook page, go to Account and click on Mobile. Sign up with your cellphone number and wait for an SMS containing the registration code that will be sent to your phone. Now, enter the registration code in Facebook and you’re done.
  • Sign up for Facebook text messages: On your Facebook page, go to Account Settings and go to the Mobile tab. Click on Register to Facebook Text Messages. A Window will pop-up, then choose what country you are living in. Now, choose your mobile carrier. Once you’re done, use your cellphone and text in “f” to the number given based on what country are you from. As for me, I live in the Philippines, so I’ll text “f” and send to 2933. You will then get an SMS with the Facebook Mobile confirmation code. On your computer, enter the confirmation code on the box and hit “Confirm”. You are going to receive another message telling that your registration for text message is confirmed. Just follow the instructions and you’re good to update and change your Facebook status.
  • Get Facebook Mobile and update and look at your Facebook page by surfing the Web on your cellphone via m.facebook.com.

There you go. These are some of the tips on how to update Facebook with your cell phone. Hope this one has helped you.


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