Rumors have it that Motorola is actually working on an all new super smartphone which will run by the name Droid Terminator. The Motorola Droid Terminator will be the company’s flagship device which will be released by multiple carriers in 2011 and is anticipated to take on Apple in terms of mobile gaming.

Motorola Droid Terminator on 2011

The Motorola Droid Terminator is assumed to offer specs and features including a dual-core processor running on the NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 platform. The new chipset is thought to run 3D games which are way faster than the usual 3D games offered by other devices. The device will also be powered by Android Gingerbread which the company is waiting for the software to launch. However, the company has issued strict non-disclosure agreements to keep the confidentiality of the phone.

If you’re one interested consumer, don’t expect the handset to arrive yet as it is alleged to have its release date next year after Sanjay Jha will take over the lead as the CEO of Motorola Mobility when the Motorola Mobility split from the rest of the company. Even this upcoming Tegra phone 2 is nicknamed as “Sanja’s baby” prior to defining his moment as the leader. Whoa, looks like we’ll be expecting mobile gaming powerhouse, here! Doesn’t it just get you interested?


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