Motorola i1 Push to Talk Smartphone

Recently, Sprint has broken another ground for the announcement of the new Motorola i1 Push to Talk Smartphone. This smartphone is considered as world’s first Android phone to use the Sprint/Nextel Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) Push-to-Talk Direct Connect Network which is a great step taken by the company. In case it isn’t clear to some people, the push-to-talk feature allows the smartphone to function like a walkie-talkie device.

motorola push-to-talk smartphone

Expected to debut this summer 2010, this sleek and stylish phone with an Android 1.5 operating system will offer a 3.1-inch touchscreen display with HVGA (320×480) resolution. Motorola i1 Push to Talk Smartphone also has 5-megapixel camera with flash and is capable of geo-tagging. The device will also feature Bluetooth and WiFi support for connectivity, the Opera Mini 5 browser which enables people to experience quick browsing, support for Flash 8 web content, and a 2-gigabyte microSD card. The Android standard virtual keyboard and Swype virtual keyboard is also among the specifications.

The newly-talked about Motorola i1 Push to Talk Smartphone has also got some protection to meet the expectations of the consumers who want to take their mobile phones to a higher level.  This handset is resistant to shock and vibration, dust, and rain.

Motorola i1 Push to Talk Smartphone is once again set to debut at Sprint stores in the summer of 2010.  There hasn’t been no official price for the phone yet but it’s expected that  Motorola i1 will cost below $200 on contract.

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