Nokia 1100 Being Sold at the Price of $30,000

This Nokia 1100 is being sold for $30,000. yes, you read that right. 4 zeros, that’s 30,000 dollars. Hard to believe, right. Even at its first launched, it’s price didnt go as highly as that. I think everyone is familiar with this old model Nokia 1100.

Nokia 1100

So why is it being sold for that big amount? The reason is that this Nokia 1100 Mobile Phone can be reprogrammed to use someone else’s phone number and the hackers and cyber criminals are selling this handset for that price. This Nokia 1100 were manufactured at a specific plant in Bochum, Germany. This will be so useful for the thieves to steal money and get bank passwords. The Nokia company said however, that it has not identified any software problems which would allow such use.

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