LG 50PX950 and 60PX950 Full HD 3D TVs

LG has just announced their two new full HD 3DTVs, – the 50PX950 and 60PX950 that have 50 and 60 inch screen sizes respectively.   This full HD 3D Tvs offer a wider viewing angle because of its PDP Plasma running at 600MHz and it also has a True Black Filter.   Its DLNA connection allows the users to connect to their favorite social networking sites such as Youtube, and Picasa.

LG 50PX950 and 60PX950 Full HD 3D HDTVs

The two new Full High-Definition HDTVs are now available at South Korean Market.  No info about the release date in other countries.  Here are the prices: 50PX950 model (50 inch) = $4,200 and the 60PX950 model (60 inch) = $2,500.

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