Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Modular OLED TV

I guess it’s about time to update your home theater and take it to the next level with the new Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Modular OLED TV. This new LCD television will come in at 155-inch screen thus it’s dubbed as the world’s first largest scale display system using the organic light emitting diode as the light source.

Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Modular OLED TV

Slated to have its release date later this month (particularly on September 21), the Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Modular OLED TV will pack specs and features including a maximum brightness of 1200 cd/m making it twice as bright as the company’s other LED-backlit TVs and will make it really suitable for outdoor digital signage. Also, the horizontal and vertical viewing angle of this OLED TV is measured at 80 degrees. This literally huge set weighs in at just 17.6 pounds and measures in at only 15.1 inches thick. However, there’s a little downside about this one. The panel only packs an 8.5dpi pixel density obtaining the color clarity of OLED, but it wouldn’t give you the HD viewing experience that most people are expecting for nowadays.

The Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Modular OLED TV is anticipated to go on sale later this month. Furthermore, the OLED TV will be showcased for the CEATEC Japan 2010. The company is still mum about the price of this new set, though.

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