Samsung Philippines Unveiled B6000 and B7000 Full HDTVs

Samsung Philippines unveiled B6000 and B7000 Full HDTVs, “New TV species” according to Samsung. Both HDTVs use Light Emitting Diodes as primary light source which means that B6000 and B7000 have 40% less power consumption and ultra-high contrast picture quality ratios compare to common HDTV that uses the standard CCFLs. In addition, Samsung has further shave B6000 & B7000 to ultra-thin depths for an even sleeker look at just over an inch thick.

Samsung B6000
Samsung B6000 Series HDTV
Samsung B6000 series will be available for 40″/46″ while the B7000 series will be available in 40″/46″/55″ sizes.

Samsung B7000
Samsung B7000- Series HDTV

B6000 and B7000 features Samsung’s acclaimed auto motion plus™ frame interpolation technology, 120Hz frame rate and mega contrast ratio for pure tv viewing pleasure. DLNA Wireless allows you to stream content (photos, music and movies) from PCs anywhere in the house via WiFi.

B6000 and B7000 will be available next week starting at Php 159,999 for 40″ size and Php259,999 for the 55″ size. More expensive than other regular HDTvs, but more cheaper considering the 40% energy consumption you can save.

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