As an addition to the company’s newest range of high definition televisions (HDTVs), Sharp Japan has launched the new AQUOS DX3 Series with screen sizes varying from 26-, 32-, 40-, 46-and 52- inches and each has a Blu-ray recorder onboard. As parts of the series, the Sharp AQUOS LC-40DX2, LC-46DX3, and LC-52DX3 support a full HD 10080p resolution on screens measuring 40-, 46-, and 52-inches respectively. Expect 2m: 1 contrast ratios, BD-LIVE support, and Ethernet connectivity, three HDMI interfaces, DLNA support to connect to home networks, LED backlight enhanced to reduce power consumption, and integrated UV2A panel (except for the 26-inch model).

Sharp Aquos DX3 HDTVs

As for the AQUOS LC-32DX3, this 32-inch TV sports a 1,366 x 768 720p HD display, keeping the similar 2m: 1 ratio and connectivity. It’s packed with two HDMI ports along with analog RGB, VGA, and USB.

Anticipated to hit the Japanese market on May 20th, the LC-26DX3, and LC-32DX3 will be available by that time and priced at 140,000 Yen ($1,505) and 160,000 Yen ($1,720) respectively.  While the other AQUOS TVs from the DX3 series such as the LC-40DX3, LC-46DX3, and LC-52DX3 are expected to be released by June 10th. Prices are 230,000 Yen ($2,473), 330,000 Yen ($3,548), and 400,000 Yen ($4,300) respectively. There hasn’t been nay word yet if these models are going to be available outside the country.


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