M2M is a niche that has recently changed into a widely-used technology. In its fundamental state, M2M allows two devices to communicate with each other; provided they have similar capabilities. Comcast internet service has branched out in order to offer M2M to the masses.

A sensory device or a chip is usually integrated into a machine that allows it to receive information from another machine or the environment. This could be in either a wireless or a wired setup. The most common “wireless” example of this feature is the cellular receiver in your cell phone.

It automatically receives signals that it processes in order to identify itself. It then sends the signal back to the origin where details of your phone are stored. A signal is then sent back to your phone and that is how you connect with your service provider.

The most common “wired” examples that you see are all around you. Think of the wiring in your house and the many devices that it connects. Think about your thermostat and how it constantly maintains a specific temperature without you even knowing about it. These are known as M2M connections that, according to many analysts, will surpass the connections between computers and humans.

Comcast is quite easily one of the leading phone, television and cable internet service providers in the U.S. Known for their exceptional television services. The company already serves millions of proud Americans. However, in recent years, Comcast has expanded to include internet services that also offer M2M features to the masses.

One of the biggest examples, as you all know, is the internet. Although you may already know this, a constant connection is always maintained between you and the server. This allows you to use the internet whenever you wish.

Furthermore, you can use Comcast internet to keep a track of various things that can include your company’s shipments, the location of all your delivery trucks, etc. This can be very beneficial to your business as it allows you to ensure that your resources are being properly utilized and that your business is on track.

Additionally, doctors can combine M2M and the internet to keep an eye on their patient’s vitals. The receiver will automatically alert the doctor when his or her patient’s vital signs are changing.
When it comes to general home users, the internet will allow you to utilize M2M for various applications. You can even use the services and capabilities of various machines and devices that can be accessed through the internet. For example:

·         you can synchronize your phone with your computer automatically (when close enough and wireless technology is on)

·         Your computer can even connect with external servers and update itself without you even being present

·         You can control wireless devices automatically from your computer (for example, cell phone boosters)

Of course, all of this is only possible if you have a constant internet connection available.

Your digital television service is also an example of an M2M service. Your television connects automatically to Comcast’s cable service and gets an updated video guide, new company information and package information.
Even your digital phone service from Comcast is a type of M2M device. It constantly keeps a track of how many minutes you have used, who your provider is, how strong the signal is and it also communicates with other machines in order to connect you with your caller.

All of these services are offered through your existing internet line. The services of Comcast have branched out into many areas and it seems that this branching will continue.

With the increasing demand for mobile internet, Comcast jumped onto the bandwagon. Thanks to their portable internet, the capabilities of their M2M services have expanded to millions of users anywhere in America. By offering M2M to the masses, Comcast has been able to achieve a large number of feats.
Home users can use this mobile connection to do a large number of things.

They can communicate with devices at home, servers at work and even their cars (where telemetric capabilities are available). The capabilities gained for business uses by using Comcast internet are large and enormously beneficial. It is interesting that a single internet connection can open up a whole new world up to you – the world of M2M.


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