Dell Latitude 13-inch Business Laptop

New notebook from DELL – the Latitude 13 Notebook looks much similar to Vostro 13 has been added to their Latitude range.  This laptop just like Vostro 13 comes with unusually slim and thin design and is dressed up for business type.  Dell claims Latitude 13 to be the ‘world’s thinnest 13″ commercial client laptop’.   Dell’s Latitude 13 features a 13-inch screen, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, WWAN and also external blue-ray drive.  It also comes with pre-installed business centric software.

dell latitude 13-inch business laptop

Not sure though about other specs, but it is expected that Dell Latitude 13 will feature similar as that of Vostro V13’s specs, featuring ULV processor, 4 Gigabyte RAM, webcam and 6-cell battery.  Dell Latitude 13 is expected to be out in a couple of weeks, price is also expected similar to Vostro V13 at $450 price tag.

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