Find a Lost or Stolen LaptopGadgetTrak is an Anti-Theft Tracking System that can help you to find and recover your  laptop just in case you lost it or stolen.  GadgetTrak software is designed for the latest notebooks and netbooks, taking advantage  of integrated webcam and wi-fi.

Once Your laptop is stolen, and the thief made a mistake by connecting in the internet.  Worry no more, because the software will collect lots of info such as IP address, specific location, username, and can even take a photo of the thief and send all of those info to your email or Flickr  account.  But before it can send data to you, you’ll have to activate if first by simply logging in to your account using web browser or web enabled cell phone and clicking the “tracking button”.  So when the  thief connects to the internet the tracking software can send data and images to your email and Flickr account.

The Anti-Theft Tracking Software uses advance wi-fi positioning that can give you very accurate location  from 10 to 20 meters away from the thief.

In addition, GadgetTrack not only works on laptop but also with iPod and cellphone.  Watch the video below to see how they tested it to find the notebook.


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