HP recently announced the HP Mini-Note 2140 which is identical to one of the hottest netbooks around – the HP 2133. Still having the well-designed keyboard and a sleek aluminum case as its predecessor. The only biggest difference between HP-2140 and HP-2133 is that the HP Mini 2140 has a larger 10.1 inch and has 1024 x 576 pixel display, while the 2133 had an 8.9″ high resolution 1280 x 768 pixel screen. Although the HP Mini Note 2140 has bigger screen as i’ve just mentioned, i think you will hate its additional protective layer of glossy plastic over the screen when watching movie in direct sunlight because of its significant reflection.

HP Mini Note 2140 Notebook PC

Mini Note 2140 Specifications :

As of HP 2140 Mini Note’s best looking keyboard, the keys resist dirt because it have the silver “HP DuraKeys” finish which also protect the printed letters on the keyboard and also spilled resistant as what HP described.

HP Mini Note 2140 Notebook PC Keyboard

One additional thing worth mentioning is the HP’s DriveGuard software that prevents data loss when you accidentally drop the laptop because of its built-in accelerometer that automatically shut down the hard drive. Personally, i really love this DriveGuard software because i had already exprienced “data loss” when i accidentally dropped my old laptop before.

HP 2140 Mini weighs in at 2.4 lb with 3-cell battery and hard drive, 2.93 lb with 6-cell battery and hard drive.

Available with a starting price of $449.


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