Most people who are using two monitors at their desktop will surely love the IBM ThinkPad W700ds -the first laptop which appears to sport two LCD screens – a 17-in. primary and a 10.6-in. secondary screen. IBM ThinkPad W700ds is powered by quad-core Intel Core 2 processors combined with the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M GPU.

IBM Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds Gets Two Screens

RAM can be extended up to 8GB and you can stuff a total of 960GB of SSD / HDD storage into this laptop. Other good thing about the w700ds is it has brighter and more colorful screen compare to other notebook PC screen. The W700ds’ secondary screen is pulled out from the right side of the primary to get an extended real estate screen. It has electronic drawing pad, and color calibration software also known as WACOM digitizer.

Price starts at $3,600 but could easily go double that figure once fully configured.


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