We’re getting closer to the technology that we often see only in the movie such as holographic images and transparent screens that we saw in Avatar the movie.  In a few months we may be seeing futuristic transparent laptop in the shops as Samsung is planning to release their 14 inch transparent OLED display laptop within 12 months time.   What you can see in the photo below is the real hand behind the clear see-through screen of the Samsung Transparent OLED Laptop.

Samsung 14 inch Transparent Laptop with contrast ratio of 100000:1

This is one of the best product that Samsung showed off during CES 2010 together with the Ice Touch – a portable media player that is also equipped with  transparent OLED  display.  Samsung’s 14 inch transparent AMOLED Screen Laptop is very appealing.  It has thinner OLED screen, with contrast ratio of 100000:1 and also consume less power.  If you are looking for a laptop to show off to your friends, i think this world’s first transparent laptop is the one that you should buy whenever it comes out.


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