Sony VAIO EA and EC Laptops w/ Vibrant Colors

Looking for a colorful Laptop ? Check out the recently unveiled laptops from Sony VAIO.  The Sony VAIO EA, EB, and EC with screen sizes from 14-inch, 15.5-inch, and 17.3 inch respectively.  These notebooks has exciting flourescent color selection, available in florescent green, pink, blue.  For conservative users out there, Sony also offers brown, black, and a matte white colors.  EA, EB, and EC also has optional  keyboard skins, priced at $25.  If you want to further enhance the color and to  keep this notebook free from crumbs, then consider buying this keyboard skin too.

Sony VAIO EA and EC laptops

How about the specs of this colorful laptops ?  Base models are powered with a 2.26 Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard disk drive, Blu-ray.  The notebooks  also features “quick boot OS” that will allow the users to easily and quickly browser the internet and check their email without having to load the Windows 7 Interface.  Sony EA, EB and EC all runs on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Sony VAIO EA and EC 512MB gets integrated Intel Graphics but can be upgraded to 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 while the Sony EB only gets the standard but w/ optional GPU.

Release date for these colorful laptops will be in July.   Price ? EA starts at  $770, EB at $700 and EC priced at $820.

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