If you are looking for slim and stylish LCD monitor, check out these Asus Designo MS Series LCD monitors.  These monitors are very thin at just 16.5 mm, weighs about 4 kilogram and got a glossy, piano-black bezel design.   Common LCD Monitors have wine-glass type stand, but the Asus Designo MS Series monitors have spherical ring-stand at the back panel making it really unique from the usual design.

asus ms series lcd tft monitors
Asus MS series includes:

MS246, MS236, MS227, MS226 and MS202 models.

LCD Monitor sizes are as follows :

MS246 is a 23.6-inch screen
MS236 is a 23-inch screen
MS226H is a 21.5-inch screen
MS27 is a 22-inch screen
MS202N/D is a 20-inch screen

These  LCD monitors all have an impressive contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and have response time of 2ms.  All capable of full HD 1080p resolution 1920×1080 pixels and also features Asus’ Video Intelligence technology, touch sensitive LED controls, and HDMI port.

Prices of Asus Designo MS Series LCD Displays are around $400.


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