01 The One Watches

Looking for a new and cool watch that can not only look impressive but can also cater for your gadget loving lifestyle ? Then why not take a look at a great new brand called 01 The One Watches .

While these watches may not do much in the way of functions and features they do all have unique ways of telling the time, such as with various rotating discs, binary, led lights or LCD digital displays. They have a futuristic and space age look about them but also appeal to the fashion consious generation as well as gadget and technology consumers.

Here are just some of the weird, wonderful and wacky designs available !

01 The One Watches

Being able to tell the time with 01 The One Watches depends on each individual model and how it operates with many models displaying binary code via LED lights – meaning gauging the time may not be a simple glance of the watch for some people, but with 40 watches in the 01 The One Watch range you don’t have to be binary savvy to be able to use the watch as there are plenty of other time telling options available.

01 The One Watches are now available at Watches2u – official 01 The One Watch suppliers.

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