Asus Eee Tablet – Notepad w/ 2450 dpi Touchscreen

Okay, so we got another tablet introduced during the Computex show in Taipei and this one is called the Asus Eee Tablet (not to be mistaken as the Eee Pad).   The tablet is designed as a drawing and note-taking device having a grayscale display aside from e-reading. The Asus Eee e-reader allows you to sort, tag, store, and organize your notes.

This Asus Eee Notepad device is more of an e-reader rather than a tablet as the company claims it. This half-reader half-note taker comes with a high sensitive 2450dpi touchscreen when using a special stylus making it one of the most precise digital note-taking devices present.  It has an 8-inch as well as a TFT display with 1024x758p resolution.  This e-reader is really fast as the page turns will only take 0.1 second, and is even a couple of times faster than the other normal e-readers.  Have a look at the pictures of the new Asus Eee e-book reader below.

Asus eee tablet reader

Full specs of the Asus Eee e-reader hasn’t been specified yet, but Asus is not so merciless as they’ve made it known to the public that this device features a 2MP camera, Wi-Fi for downloading books and other apps, and USB port so you can move your notes to a PC or via the microSD memory card slot.

The Asus promises a 10-hour battery life and the company says that the Asus Eee e-reader should be available by September at a price between $199 and $299.

So, what do you think about this new e-reader ?

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  1. So, is this device a competitor to iPad and Kindle? What OS does this e-reader run and does it have an atom processor?

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