Beambox Evolution R-2 Pico Projector

Beambox Evolution R-2 Pico-Projector w/ 40 Ansi LumensThis is the latest pico-projector recently announced by Beambox. The Evolution R-2 is considered as one of the brightest pico-projector in the market today.  This device has  40 ansi lumens LCoS chip that really  offers unmatched brightness.  That is 2 times that of the similar  products.  This pocket gadget boasts 800×600 SVGA resolution , has 200:1 contrast ratio and 4:3 aspect ratio.  It has Mini-USB that you can you to connect to your  Mac or PC and also A/V connector for you to be able to connect it to your other favorite media devices such  as DVD player.  The mini projector also has 1 GB built in memory that you can use for storing your favorite image and video files from other devices.  Also equipped with 0.5 speaker, mini remote control for you to easily adjust its settings and onboard media player that lets you  play your favorite media files from its user friendly menu.

The device has 12W LED that can last up to 30,000 hours.   Beambox Evolution R-2 pico-projector is now on sale for  the price of £ 250.

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