Chill Pill Portable Speakers for iPod and iPhone

Koyono has just released speaker that were designed for Apple iPods and iPhones. It’s the Chill Pill Portable speakers. Koyono made these speakers more attractive than any other portable speakers you can see out there and also has more bass and louder sound. Chill Pill possess a unique form factor to attract attention. What’s good about this speakers is that it has rechargeable battery that can last upto 8 hrs that’s why Chill pill speaker really is for the people who enjoy listening to music out loud and always on the go.

Not only you can use these speakers with iPod and iPhone but You can also use the Chill Pill with most devices such as digital audio players, laptop and desktop computers and portable CD players, as long as it has a standard 1/8″ headpone port.

Like the X-Mini Max II Stereo Speaker these speakers also have magnets to hold both speakers together

You can get these speakers for the price of $39.95

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